My life of loss created my life of purpose ~

Judith Klemos

The Death Witch

I have always had an intimate relationship with death and dying. Experiencing the death of my father, at the age of three, started my life on a very unique path. The subsequent deaths of many close family members would serve to give me additional intimate experiences with death.

By the time I was 23 I had lost someone of every familial relationship. So, at the age of 25 when I began my work as a hospice social worker I was far more experienced than my years would suggest.

Over the course of almost thirty years since, I have served different populations in the medical and social service fields, not just hospice specifically but also in working with developmentally disadvantaged, dementia patients and as a therapist. I am an ordained Universal Life Church (2003) minister and extensively studied many modalities of healing energy work.

My extensive personal history with death has provided me with a depth of empathy that can’t be taught. Regardless of what type of job I worked, I became the organic resource for tough questions and facilitating difficult conversations when the topic of death arose.

Creating The Death Witch Podcast just seemed to be the next step.

Now I am taking all my personal and professional experience and offering it as a resource for familial and professional caregivers as an end of life specialist providing sacred attendant services, emotional estate planning, advanced directive completion and sacred attendant trainings for those who wish to hold this sacred space for others as well.

The Death Witch is on purpose to get attention. It is a collaboration of:

  • Death Watch, sometimes called a death vigil
  • Death Wish which out in the world is slang for reckless behavior, but in here, in this world, it means your wishes for the end of your life
  • Witch, an old term for healer, that is considered to be taboo – much like talking about and preparing for Death

It is my intention to speak candidly, openly and honestly to groups, families and individuals regarding the absolute necessity of accepting our mortality and planning for our terminality.

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The Death Witch Podcast

The Foul Mouthed Woman

The Foul Mouthed Woman was born of the experience of online judgement of our expression. We were a bunch of women online who enjoyed throwing the F-word around generously and deleted out of a Facebook group for doing so. It grew from what it was to what I see now as a sisterhood without secrets. The Foul Mouthed Woman is now a podcast designed for women of all ages bravely speaking their uncomfortable truths in their own voices.

The Foul Mouthed Woman Podcast

What People Say

I can’t even still put into words how much having you here and spending time with mom meant to us all !!!

Marsha Hennig-Piepho

Jade Klemos and I communicated one morning via FB messenger. The encounter was only brief, but the manner in which she helped me regarding my mother’s passing 10-years ago was TREMENDOUS. I carried a heavy regret the past 10-years, and it melted away during my conversation with Jade

Bobbie C Thompson

‘wowwww what a wonderful lady…i’m so amazed at the things she can feel…she is for me an eye opener, she has reopened Doors that i taught where closed and done with…I FEEL SO GREAT FULL …now i know…they where reopened for a reason…i needed to work on it before closing them…this lady is wonderful..’

Kathryn Trestain

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