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“End of Life” is a broad term and no one wants to be the one to admit that anyone they love is entering into the last phase of their life. We don’t have to wait until the eleventh hour to begin preparations, though. We can begin some preparations before there is any need at all. We can begin other preparations as soon as there is a question about mortality. We can begin other preparations when a diagnosis is being ruled out. We can begin other services at the bedside. We can begin anywhere, but we must begin…

End of Life Sacred Attendant services offer you P•E•A•C•E


  • Assistance in getting your financial information organized and outline before writing a Last Will and Testament
  • Document important wishes for the ease of your family
  • Organize important documents
  • Downsize your belongings
  • Emotional Estate Planning such as legacy projects and last letters


My extensive experience in working with individuals in all phases of their lives, but especially the end of life is available to you in managing the emotional and psychosocial aspects of facing end of life decisions and circumstances. Learn how to hold space, manage emotional and physical symptoms holistically and what to have on hand in preparation.


Emotional support and encouragement for the individual as well as caregivers, families and friends. My experience in working with families during very challenging times benefits those who experience confusion, overwhelm and distress in the face of loss. I offer simple coping techniques, facilitate difficult conversations as well as offer a comforting presence during these times.


I approach every situation adhering to my training of Social Work Ethics and Standards of Practice. Ultimately my ‘client’ is the person in transition however, every caregiver, family member, friend and visitor is seen to be an integral part of the unit and treated as such. My skills are helpful in enabling individuals to repair rifts in relationships, encourage healthy expression of anticipatory grief, as well as facilitate difficult conversations.


We are all energy and energy cannot die, it merely transitions to a new form.

Think of H2O: as ice it holds a solid form in the shape of it’s container; Apply a little heat and it becomes water, a liquid contained by the boundaries but always finding its own level; and as steam it is a gas that has no boundaries and can be everywhere.

We are just like that. In our ‘solid’ state we are very engaged in the activities of the material world. Sometimes we find ourselves described as ‘rigid’. Often we have an experience (a heated situation) that makes us more liquid and fluid. Something that has us embrace more of our spirituality than materialism. And when we die we transition into a state that makes it possible for us to be everywhere and fill the space of the Universe, just like that steam.

Over the past 30+ years I have developed a Mastery of energy healing by studying and practicing many modalities in combination with my own inherent gifts. I can hold sacred space in the most chaotic of times and transform the experience of everyone in the room if they are receptive. Whether it is simply to ground and calm all, facilitate coping for one individual or conduct a Blessing of the Journey ceremony, the energy is palpable and very effective at creating magical moments.

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“It is my mission to leave people and places better than I found them.”

Judith Klemos

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