About LIFE’S Book

I have poured my expertise into the creation of LIFE’S Book to direct individuals and families in making the most of the end of life. It is an in depth end of life planning book. The best way I can demonstrate to you how I can assist you is to share with you the instructions for how to use LIFE’S Book.

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How To Use Healing Rites of Passage LIFE’S Book

First and foremost thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I understand what a great honor it is to be allowed in to this intimate experience.

Secondly, congratulations on taking this courageous step. Accepting death as a companion is very brave and you will find it gives you an added depth to your living.

LIFE’S Book is meant to act as a navigational tool to 1) organize papers, thoughts and experience, 2) initiate opportunities for legacy projects, memory making and creating your own death experience on your terms and 3) facilitate open discussions about death.

LIFE’S Book can be used as much or as little as you choose. I have chosen a durable book that can withstand trips to the hospital, doctor’s office and even children’s hands. I have included just the core components necessary to creating your experience on your own terms, but if you choose to work with me in an ongoing capacity we will build upon this book in almost every session.

The first section listed is ‘Legal’. Since this book will possibly travel with you outside your home, or at the very least not be under lock and key within your home, I advise you to be cautious about what originals or even copies you keep in here. For your will, your account information and passwords it might be prudent to simply state where or with whom they are being held for safekeeping. That said, your Advanced Directives originals should absolutely be kept in here as you will need to present originals to medical personnel. It is a good idea to also give your designated decision maker a second set of originals.

In some sections you will notice I have included prompts for memory making, discussion, journalling etc. For lengthy journalling it might be beneficial to pick out a separate journal to expand upon these prompts. However, this book can accommodate housing your journalling if you wish. It is really a matter of your preference for privacy and how much you intend to journal.

If you have chosen to engage me simply for the initial consultation then LIFE’S Book, as is, will provide you enough of a blueprint to do your end of life planning while dying, as well as planning in advance.

If you choose to work with me on an ongoing basis, we will work together on these, but I will also be creating more opportunities for you. These will serve not only as a focus for our sessions, but also provide guidance for others in your circle. In addition, during our work together this book will end up being something of value that you leave behind for your loved ones.

You can use this book strictly for your own reflections and record keeping; or you can hand the book to others during visits, direct them to a section and allow them to assist you in completing prompts. Please note that these prompts are not intended to be ‘one and done’. There is value in revisiting the prompts over and over again either in writing or in conversations with different people.

In LIFE’S Book you will also find writings that I feel provide support, education or inspiration. These are as much for others as they are for you. For reference to more reading on my blog you will also find my website listed.

With all this in one note binder you might ask yourself why you would need to further engage with me? You might not…

But then again, no written guide -no matter how good- can substitute for an experienced, empathetic and empathic person sitting at your bedside, or on the other end of the phone in the middle of the night, when you have a question, concern or need. A person who has been in this place before with others. A person you can confide in, without fear of judgement or worry about letting others down. A person who can offer support and guidance, objectively. A person who’s primary purpose is to ensure you get to do this on your own terms. A person who can help you interpret doctor-speak, encourage you to ask questions and protect your patient’s rights. Or a person to just hold your hand through it all.

To those of you who may have this in your hands on behalf of your loved one:
This book will do double duty. Perhaps your loved one is in their last days already, in which case instead of using this book to pre-plan you will be using it to fulfill their intentions for their end of life transition. The book will offer suggestions for you to attend to their needs as they do the hard spiritual, emotional and physical work of letting go. Even unconscious I assure you they can hear, feel and understand you. They have needs and this book will help you help them through it. To this end I have included caregiver tips within each section.

In addition, I invite you to use this book to facilitate your own end of life planning. It is never too early to start speaking of preferences and wishes. You can even purchase your own LIFE’S Book.

To all caregivers and family members:
I caution you to understand that your vision for your loved one and theirs might be different. It is important for you to have open communication and encourage your loved one, but never push your own agenda. We must always remember that this is their journey and must respect their decisions along the way. It is my hope that our work together offers you the information you need to be supportive as a caregiver.

I am so grateful you have chosen to allow me to accompany you on this part of your journey. I promise to do all I can to be the partner you need during this time.

In Love,


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“This would’ve been so helpful when [my husband] died unexpectedly. There were photos of us on his phone that were just lost because I didn’t know his password.”
“This is really good and I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“I wish I would’ve had this when my loved one was dying.”

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