Life Changing Education & Training

Siddha Anucara

Siddha Anucara means Sacred Attendant in Sanskrit, an ancient language noted as the mother language. A Siddha Anucara is a holistic non-medical support person trained to provide holistic support (physical, emotional, social and spiritual) to those in need.

Sacred attendants can be of service in a myriad of situations, including but not limited to end of life, crisis, illness, injury and aging. The Siddha Anucara’s role is to provide connection at the deepest emotional level, in ways that are not typical or usual.

There are two types of sacred attendants: those who wish to be of service to family, friends and perhaps their local communities (such as church congregation); and those who wish to serve in a more formal professional capacity to the general public.

The heart of the trainings is the same, but the professional training includes essentials related to professional boundaries and practices.

The Siddha Heart Training

In the heart of our programming you will learn the following:

  • how to hold space in times of spiritual/emotional crisis
  • effective communication techniques
  • how to minister to those of different faiths
  • core competencies of the National End of Life Doula Alliance
  • coping techniques for you and those you serve
  • holistic alternative techniques for comfort
  • cross cultural care techniques
  • self-awareness exercises
  • create and facilitate meaningful rituals to foster emotional and spiritual healing
  • understand anticipatory grief, grief and complicated grief
  • bereavement support
  • ministry of presence
  • vigil practices
  • emotional estate planning
  • end of life doula scope of practice
  • signs and symptoms of dying
  • understanding personality and the end of life
The Siddha Professional Training

In the Siddha Professional Training you will also:

  • Begin to create forms for your business
  • Explore ways to calculate your fees
  • Understand how to work with other professional caregivers
  • Explore marketing strategies
  • How to structure visits
  • Begin to set up your program of services
  • How to identify your unique skillset