End of Life Services

Healing Rites of Passage is dedicated to creating a sacred healing space around the dying individual wherein conversations, resolution and bonding activities can take place without judgment or censorship.

Judith is a sacred attendant for end of life. A sacred attendant compliments other care workers who may be involved such as companions, hospice nurses, social workers, chaplains, volunteers or hospital/long term care facility staff, as well as family members. The sacred attendant includes end of life education, ritual facilitation, energetic symptom management and interfaith spiritual support that is missing in our current dying model. The role of the sacred attendant is to hold space, provide emotional and spiritual support without imposing oneself and relieve suffering.

Jade’s Credentials

  • Social Worker (since 1987)
  • Energy and Crystal Healer (since 1990)
  • Experienced Hospice Social Worker and Bereavement Coordinator
  • Therapeutic Touch certification (2001)
  • Universal Life Church Ordination (2003)
  • Reiki I certification (2009)
  • NEDA Proficiency Badge (2019)
  • End-of-Life Doula Training (2019)
  • Created LIFE’S Book End of Life Planner (2019)
  • Creator of Sacred Attendant Training (2020)
  • First Responder Chaplain (2020)
  • Munay Ki Shaman Initiation (2020)

How I serve…

Many end of life transitions are unexpected after a quick decline, while others may be expected after a long battle. Some deaths are traumatic and sudden with no time to reach out to a doula. This is where my unique perspective benefits even more people at the time of death.

Healing Rites of Passage are as much for the grieving as they are for the dying. Memorials, funerals, healing circles and other rituals are available services that offer emotional and spiritual comfort and healing after a sudden death as well.

Healing Rites of Passage can be of great service in offering the support, education and emotional space to proceed through the transition as smoothly as possible.

No two individuals will have the same journey. I endeavor only to fill in the gaps of the existing paradigm, not replace anyone in it. I seek to be an enhancement; nothing more, nothing less.

One may desire assistance by way of presence at doctor’s visits and medical appointments because they have a limited support network who can help process all the information and interpret ‘doctor speak’.

Another may need presence at the bedside, hearing reassurance and spiritual inspiration while the family takes a much needed respite.

Another may need assistance in facilitating the difficult conversation of informing the family of a limited prognosis.

Another may need assistance to document advance directives, life review and legacy projects.

For another a blessing of the journey (see rituals page) may be all that is needed.

For another it may be beneficial to hold a healing circle so that the one transitioning feels the energy of support as he or she surrenders into the next phase of their journey.

Just as each one of us has a unique birth story that perhaps did not go according to the plan of our parents (or ourselves with our own children), so too will we have a death story that may not go according to our vision.

Having someone with vast transitioning experience can be helpful when the unexpected shows up on the journey.


Grief is grief. Losing a beloved pet is an extremely painful experience. A pet is a source of unconditional love, something we experience far too little. While logic tends to try to tell us that the loss of a pet is ‘less than’ the loss of a human, our hearts cannot tell the difference. Therefore, Healing Rites of Passage does provide end of life doula services to those facing the loss of their beloved pets as well.

List of Services Available

  • Emotional Estate Planning (LIFE’S Book)
  • Energy healing for symptom management
  • Emotional support
  • Advance Directives planning
  • Interfaith Spiritual Counseling
  • Rites of Passage
  • Companionship
  • Decision making support
  • Pre-mortem vigil
  • Post-mortem vigil
  • Support for children
  • Bereavement support
  • Holistic relaxation techniques
  • 24/7 availability
  • Resource management
  • Legacy projects
  • Ethical Wills
  • Crisis management & support
  • Doctor visit accompaniment

Healing Rites of Passage is an INCLUSIVE provider attending to the needs of all members of our society with equal devotion.