Sacred Rituals

End Of Life Sacred Attendant Services

  • Holistic non-medical support and planning for end of life needs

Blessing of the Journey (fees vary)

  • A sacred anointing ritual to bless the one making a transition whether it be a new birth, crossing over, transitioning gender, graduating high school or college or newly single. This has been very helpful in times when a loved one seems to be having a difficult time crossing over to the other side of the veil.

Funeral/Memorials $252

  • Sacred rituals for the grieving to honor the life of the loved one who has transitioned.

Living Wakes $72 hour

  • A formal ceremony to say good byes to loved ones and family when you are facing a terminal prognosis

Healing Circles (groups of 3-9) $240

  • An energy exchange circle focusing on the needs of the participants ie: releasing, grieving, physical ailments, spiritual ailments, emotional challenges etc. This is workshop/retreat type of experience and lasts 90 mins to 2 hours.

Wedding, Vow Renewal and Hand Fasting $225-$550

  • Completely originally-crafted ceremonies created to reflect the energy of the couple/family. Nature based, secular, spiritual ceremonies.

Baby Blessing/Naming $210-$390

  • Alternative to religious baptism focusing on welcoming the child and blessing their journey on Earth. Includes Blessing of the Journey annointing.

Uncoupling Ceremony $153

  • A ceremony to unbind the marital tie and bless your respective separate journeys.

House Cleansing/Blessing $208-$307

  • Start with a clean energetic slate for your new house, or purge your old house of stagnant Qi.

Energy Healing Session $125-$170

  • A completely unique intuitive energy healing session combining many modalities of energy healing for the purpose of relaxation, pain relief, anxiety reduction or general wellbeing.

Shamanic Death Rites $0

  • A post death ritual that can be done onsite or remotely to assist the soul in disconnecting fully from the body.