Intentions For 2019

Each year I pick a new word or intention. Somewhat of a theme or a vision for the upcoming year, intended to focus my energy. I don’t do resolutions or even goals for that matter, intentions are what drive me, so it makes sense that I have New Year’s Intentions. 

My word for 2016 was Release.

I learned SO much about myself by learning to release that which no longer serves me. As I look back on it, I know it was the necessary first step to amazing things.

My word for 2017 was Surrender.

I allowed myself to surrender into the wave of things. To allow what is best for me, to show up for me. 

My word for this year 2018 is ‘Discovery’ – and boy was it!!! I discovered all sorts of things that were not even on my agenda to explore!! I found my word when we bought a Land Rover Discovery and I loved all it’s unique little quirks. Ironically, the car and I parted ways midway through this year, but my word and I did not. 

I discovered so much about life and myself! I discovered new friends and new coping techniques. I discovered new services to provide and new activities to engage in. I discovered a new way of eating and thus a new way of living. 

I discovered that to truly Trust the Universe means you don’t worry. I discovered that I can turn worry inside out and that’s a thing!! I discovered new ways of being visible and available. I discovered that I like being pain free more than I like any addiction that kept me there. I discovered new ways of interacting with the Laws of the Universe and really saw their effects! I discovered my power to completely control my vibration!

Discovery, I thank you for your service this year. I thank you for all you did to exponentially expand my growth this year. I discovered myself – again. 

So, what about 2019?

It came upon me in meditation the other night and I must say I was a little confused because it came in pieces and with an illustration/visualization. 

The visualization that came with it was like a kaleidoscope of colors oozing unto itself. Almost like oil on top of a puddle creates a masterpiece. Or the clouds of an enormous storm billow out and out and out. It was organic, growing and changing into multiple colors. It was magnificent. 

This year’s word is Divine Grace. Yes, I realize it is indeed two words, but it is one concept which I think is really the point. Divine Grace. Just writing them, or hearing them brings me to my center. Divine Grace. It’s more than just Grace, which was a word I was entertaining for 2018. Divine Grace is BIGGER. 

It requires that I be bigger than I have ever been. It will push me to bring forth my very best self. Divine Grace. It makes me smile and brings me joyousness. It is beautiful to me. It looks something like this

I believe it will reveal my Divine Feminine in ways I cannot even possibly imagine right now. I can feel it resonating in my body.

Divine Grace.

How does it feel to you? Am I the only one? It feels life changing. But then…they all do, don’t they? If you pick them right!

What’s your word for 2019? 

I love you!


Direct Attention To The Wanted

Discernment is selection based on desire and intention.

When we are clear in our desire and intention then we draw those things to us. But being clear about them means pointing our attention to them, not to what we do not desire.

If we look at life through a scale of wanted to unwanted we can tell quite clearly when we are putting our attention in the opposite direction of where we want to go.

Wanted—–Less Wanted—–Unwanted

When we experience an unpleasant emotion it is an indication that we are in contrast with our Greater Self. It is a flag that we are sticking to a belief that does not serve us. Moving our thoughts along the scale above can help us move from lower to higher vibration easily.

Initially, moving your thoughts along the scale will feel like trying on new styles of clothing. Your EGO will want to hold on to the notion of ‘right and wrong’ and desire you to come out on the right side of things. When you let go of that need it is easier to find your Greater Self thought. This is where the old saying comes in, “do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

When you have unpleasantness, pay attention to your thinking, what do you believe/think right now? Then, hold a ‘higher vibration thought’ and see how it feels – more pleasant or less pleasant? If it isn’t something you can embrace yet, then pick a slightly less higher vibrational thoughts to play with until you find one you can embrace.

The holidays are coming up and often there is much family draw from as examples. Let’s see if we can play with it a bit. Someone says something derogatory to you and you are furious/hurt. You might want to stay in that place, because you believe you are right to be hurt/furious. Turn your attention to whether this hurt is wanted/pleasant or unwanted/unpleasant. If it is unwanted then move the thought up the scale of vibration. What’s a higher thought you can hold onto to raise your vibration and your experience up to wanted? What is the highest truth you can hold onto?

When you find a higher vibe thought that resonates with you it will feel energetic and light. It will bring you peace. That’s the difference between say ‘revenge’ thinking that might make you feel powerful but does not offer you peace in that power. Does that make sense?

Some suggestions:

  • I know that this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.
  • What other’s think of me is none of my business.
  • I live in my personal truth. I know the truth of other’s is different.
  • My value is determined by my own measures.
  • I believe in my own path.

When you encounter anything do not react. Choose a response by asking yourself if this will take you towards or away from your goal of peace, love and expansion. It is easy then to see the difference between things like empowerment and revenge.

How This Differs From Affirmations

The idea of “fake it ’til you make it” can happen with the use of affirmations.  The idea that you can simply say positive words over and over to change your underlying belief is incomplete. There must be awareness attached to it. You must pay attention to your feelings and where they land in your body as well as on the scale above. Just repeating positive words does not work nearly as efficiently as giving the emotions attention.

Many times people give up on affirmations because it feels fake. That’s what I’m talking about here. It isn’t a magick verse as some have presented it. It is a tool to focus on to shift your thoughts up. The magick is found in discovering affirmations that resonate one step out of your comfort zone so you can easily work your way up to your highest truth.

For instance, if you choose to do mirror work and you are looking at your belly and it displeases you it might feel disingenuous saying “I love you”, but “I am learning to love you” might feel more pleasant and thus genuine. Or maybe “I love that you protected my baby as it grew” (if that is the case). As that becomes more comfortable you can expand by moving back up to “I love you”.

The more we put our attention to what we want, what is pleasant, the more our life will bring pleasant to us.

I love you.



Jade’s work is different and we think you will find it effective and economic. It combines Jade’s knowledge and skills cultivated over three decades of psychiatry, human services, hospice, geriatrics, crystal healing, QiGong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch with her natural Spirit given gifts of intuition and being an empath.
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Intentions For The Year – part 2

Yesterday we talked about picking a word for the year, as an intention or ‘theme’. My word for this year was ‘surrender’ and I talked about that as well.

I have been toying with some words for 2018 and when ‘everything sticks, nothing sticks’. There were TOO many good ones revealing themselves (yes ‘reveal’ was one of those stickies) to me, but today I think I’ve settled on one.

Its so obvious, in fact, so obvious that I feel like its basic and surely ‘I’ve already done this one’.

Before I reveal (there she is again!) my word for 2018 I want to share the contenders.


To me this is a natural word to follow this year’s Surrender, as Surrender is a pre-requisite to Allowing. I’ve been dancing with Allow for a good part of the past several months. Not realizing that questioning good things is as much resistance as flat out rejecting them, I had to start working on Allowing those wonderful things to happen. In fact I even made it part of my client programs.

Allow has such grace and ease to it. She’s like a dance…gentle swaying movement. I love allow. She’s so beautiful, but in some ways she’s been a tag on to Surrender, as if she is the long lost soul mate. So, whether I picked her or not she became part of my intentions for 2017. While I carry her with me (as I do all my previous words) into the new year, she won’t have first billing.


Aw, he’s new to the dance floor this year. He just galloped up the past week. This is why I really thought he was going to be my 2018 dance partner. Reveal is quiet handsome and sure on his feet. A strong word to be sure, focusing on standing strong in who you are and allowing what will be to be.

Oh, he has been intoxicating to dance with since he arrived last week. He has twirled me around and around until I’ve landed in another dimension. I barely even know myself when I’m in his arms. In fact, I don’t know myself at all the way he knows me and the way I want to now be known.

Reveal has brought a level of open honesty to my professional life that hasn’t been there. I don’t know why I didn’t realize the benefit it could be to my professional relationships since Transparency (Reveal’s cousin) been a staple in my marriage. Part of my professional training drilled into my head that you don’t talk about yourself to your client. You are meant to be sterile. This week I’m seeing the beauty of showing your personness to other persons! Thank you, Reveal!


This is another partner who joined me during the year. We had a short foxtrot around the dance floor but we weren’t meant to dance a whole year. She just needed to make her presence known so that could keep her right up front. So, its important to mention her here and give her, her accolades.

BRAVE are the five concepts I hold onto when fear or worry begin to creep in.

  • Be in the present moment
  • Realize everything is for your highest good
  • Accept delivery from the Universe
  • Vibrations resonate with like vibrations
  • Energy’s natural state is flow

That brings us to what, as of this date 11/19/2017, will be my lead word for 2018.

It just struck me a couple of days ago and it was right under my nose the whole time. She is brilliant in her simplicity on the dance floor. She is grace, endurance and wonder. Understated at best. I can’t believe I’ve overlooked her all this time and I’m excited for our adventure together.

A few weeks ago my husband bought me a new-to-me car. Its a 2004 Land Rover and I love her SO much. I’ve struggled with naming her as nothing has fit. As I rounded the back of my vehicle the other day I noticed the model name of the car. It had been there all along, just waiting for me…


That’s when my word picked me. I can’t wait to explore with her. To see what new steps she shows me and how she takes me further along my journey. How perfect Discovery has shown up! While my whole life has been about discovering and these past three years have been about really discovering myself, I get the sense that I haven’t seen anything yet.

I expect the dance with Discovery will be the greatest dance yet. I know there is so much I have to discover…about myself and about this experience of life. It has never failed to be exciting and completely illuminating; worth every single second on days like this. I am open to her gift and her challenges.

I won’t even try to imagine what she will bring to me, but I have visions of wrapped gifts which is terrifically exciting!

Now to decide if the car gets a first name or if she will just go by Discovery…

Any thoughts on what your word will be yet?

I love you.




Jade’s work is different and we think you will find it effective and economic. It combines Jade’s knowledge and skills cultivated over three decades of psychiatry, human services, hospice, geriatrics, crystal healing, QiGong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch with her natural Spirit given gifts of intuition and being an empath.
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Intentions For The Year

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Do you pick a word for the year?

Many people do. They pick a word that they choose to focus on and explore throughout the year. Personally I prefer to call them intentions rather than ‘words’, but the (lol) ‘intention’ is all the same.

My word for 2017 has been Surrender.

Last year, 2016, my word was ‘Release’. I even developed a 30 day program about it and led several women (and one man) through the online group program with such mind blowing results. But even after all that something was still in resistance. This is how ‘Surrender’ was born into being my intention (for its really much more than ‘just a word’) for 2017.


Surrender has proven to be bigger than I ever imagined when I set out. See after ‘release’ I expected great miracles to occur. A thought that by its very inception created resistance in the manner of force-by-expectation.


Surrender is absolutely letting the chips fall where they may, knowing they fell EXACTLY as they were meant to, to serve my highest good, even if that meant not fulfilling my perceived wants. See what I NEEDED is often much different than what I thought I wanted. And in truth, what I thought I wanted, had it come to be would’ve taken me further away from my desired result/experience than what I actually needed (and what was delivered) which took me straight into/through the fire. It was the quickest route. So, quick in fact, that I often have a hard time keeping up!


Surrender has been my go to mantra when I find myself in resistance like worry, anxiety, concern, disappointment, sadness, overwhelm or even apathy. I have even learned to surrender when I feel like giving up.


Many people think that surrender means giving up and nothing could be further from the truth. Giving up is letting go of the energetic connection to life. Surrender means falling into the flow of life.


Surrender is not passive. It is active participation in the ebb and flow of life. It is the first step to Allowing. To surrender is to stop expecting, stop forcing, stop trying, stop planning, stop judging, stop attempting, stop inventorying, stop measuring…stop controlling.


Surrender is knowing that the river of Life is 1) flowing in the direction you need to go; 2) enough to support you; and 3) determined to land you on the right shore (despite your own self).


Surrender has been a gift to me this year. I surrendered when my husband had a stroke. I surrendered during his recovery. I surrendered when our business ebbed. I surrendered during times I wanted to give up. I surrendered when things turned tide in my favor in a court case. I surrendered when I developed the Retreat/Workshop. I surrendered when things did not go as I’d planned. I surrendered when my husband had more strokes. I surrendered when he was put on the right medicine. I surrendered as my relationship with my daughter expanded. I surrendered when I received the self-reveal challenge from Spirit last week.


I surrendered this morning.


I surrender now.


I surrender in my love for you.





Jade’s work is different and we think you will find it effective and economic. It combines Jade’s knowledge and skills cultivated over three decades of psychiatry, human services, hospice, geriatrics, crystal healing, QiGong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch with her natural Spirit given gifts of intuition and being an empath.
To schedule services please review options here and email Jade here to make arrangements.