Perspective – It’s All You

Your entire life experience is filtered through your perspective. Your perspective is your filter. Its been formed throughout your life by those most influential in your development: parents, siblings, community and teachers. 

You come to understand the concepts of right/wrong, good/bad and should/shouldn’t, but they aren’t written in stone.

You have little to no control over this process as you are growing up, however as an adult you absolutely have the obligation to examine these concepts to see what actually is yours and what is not.

To bottom line it; if you emanate from negativity, your experience of life will be negative (and vice verse.)

Now, if you emanate from negativity you will defend your perspective citing evidence that backs it up. You will show me exactly how life has been unfair and has handed you one bad blow after another. You will have beliefs echoing the thought of ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’. You believe that bad events follow good events.

Although our stories are all individualized and unique, the basic premise is the same: ‘there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.’ (William Shakespeare)

“Good” and “bad” things happen to everyone, you’ve only to listen to someone else’s story to understand that…but how an individual tells their story varies. How can someone who’s had so much tragedy speak with such joy? How can another be so burdened by something we think is such a minor disappointment?

Perspective: It’s all you!!!!

When you choose to seek validation from outside yourself, you will be starved for it. This will result in negativity because you will be left in a void. External validation looks like waiting for praise, seeking acceptance and needing sympathy. What happens then is you keep score with the subconscious expectation of achieving 100% positive. You look at every ‘bad’ event as taking away from that 100% goal. The things that don’t go the way you’d like end up being scored with more value than things that do. In fact, you might discount ‘good’ events by explaining them away as coincidence, luck or charity. You have stacked the deck against you. Without knowing it you have actually set yourself up to continue to have a negative experience of life.

Conversely, when you validate yourself you live in surplus and any additional external validation is just icing on the cake! When you believe that who you become through your experiences is the point, not the events themselves, your perspective shifts dramatically. You get it that the control is all yours. Internal validation looks like accepting praise gracefully – but not relying on it, feeling comfortable in your own skin and having empathy for others. You don’t score your life in any kind of way. You take the good with the bad. You make every effort to create some good out of the bad. You’ve stacked the deck in your favor and have set yourself up to continue to have a positive experience of life.

And let me stop you before you say, “I can’t help it! I was raised like this!” Our programming is not permanent. It is meant for us to outgrow. Or more importantly, it is meant for us to overcome. We are adults. We are responsible for our own thoughts and beliefs. With new understanding and information we can make our worlds bigger and brighter. We don’t need to be confined in a world constructed of misbeliefs and misunderstandings. Our beliefs are just thoughts we think are true and keep thinking them.

So think again.

When you find your mind wandering in the negative look for three positive things to counter it. This requires a lot of paying attention. Awareness is key to making these changes. You can’t be satisfied just doing the same old thing – or rather, thinking the same old things. You have to examine everything with new eyes. Don’t just accept anything at face value, no matter who’s belief it is.

Not sure you’re thinking a negative thought? Its easy to tell, do you feel lighter/brighter or darker/heavier while you hold the thought(s)? The most positive of thoughts will make you tingle so much you feel it throughout your body.

Conscious daily practice will yield the quickest results. Pretty soon all your thoughts will be positive ones and you won’t remember any other way!

Ok, now off you go to do your positive thinking work!!!

I love you.






The What If Game

We spend a lot of time asking ‘what if’ yet we rarely, if ever, ask it to our benefit. Normally, it is some form of ‘what if I fail?’

 Today I was afforded an opportunity to explore ‘what if there is no failure?’

What if I totally mess up in some way but it all works out anyway? What if in ‘messing it up’ my real self is given the stage to reveal itself and that attracts a clients/partner/employer/opportunity that might not otherwise have appeared? What if in failing I actually succeed? What then would my story be? 

I was raised in a climate where there was one path to success and it was measured by money. I learned a certain hierarchy: You start in an hourly wage job, you go to college, graduate, move up to a salaried position and then increase your salary each year. You work for a corporation that paid benefits and you started your 401K right away. If you were over 28 working at an hourly wage you weren’t considered succeeding.

So, imagine how much pre-programming I have to overcome to consider myself successful today? I work on an hourly basis. I do not work for a corporation. I do not have lots of money in the bank. I do not have paid benefits. Yet, I have never felt more successful in my life!


You know…I just realized that as I wrote it.


I have never felt more successful in my life, than I do right now.

I have a partner who supports me unconditionally. I have a grown daughter who values me, is filled with wisdom and is living from her heart. I have good relationships with my stepson and his whole family. I have great friends and a wonderful sister. I do not have to go to a job every day that makes me sick.


Every day life gets bigger for me. I am allowed and encouraged to explore my personal development to its fullest ends. Each day I expand (or die). And I haven’t even hit the best part yet! I get to assist others in their expansion as well! As fun as it is for me to personally expand, multiply that by 100,000 when I assist others in their expansion. Honestly. Nothing gives me more joy than doing a Qi Energy session, or an intuitive Qi card reading or even just having a general support contact. What is even better then is when those people go on to help others! It is so inspiring to be part of the ripple of life!


So, back to ‘what if’….


What if instead of imagining everything that could go ‘wrong’, I imagine that nothing can go wrong because it always goes exactly as it needs to for my highest good? What if I judge myself ‘successful’ instead of ‘unsuccessful’? What if I err on the side of YES! instead of caution? What if I go all out in every single present moment? What if instead of playing small (safe), I reserve no action, thought or inspiration? What if instead of holding back I allow inspiration to direct my every movement?


Well, then I’d be a lot more successful than I already feel!


If you play the ‘What If Game’ upgrade to the 2.0 version. We know that we are full of unlimited possibilities, so make a contract with yourself that every time you think “what if I fail?”, balance that thought with “what if I succeed?”. “What if I make a mistake?” means you also have to ask “what if I make no mistakes?” Eventually, move yourself to the 3.0 version where you mostly ask “What if everything turns out better than I envision?”


What if?


What if I loved you?


Well, I do!




PS I am always actively looking for new collaborators in expansion. Strong spiritual individuals intent on exploring the unending path of spiritual, emotional and mental development. If you think that I can assist you, please feel free to send me a message to see if we are a good match!

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