End of Life

April 2, 2023

Letter of Affirmation for Care Manager/End of Life Sacred Attendant, Judith (Jade) Klemos

Jade provided loving and compassionate care for my 93 year old cousin for about three months (July –
October 2022) before Rosemarie peacefully passed. Her peaceful, yet professional, demeanor was
always present and encouraging to us. We saw Jade calmly and lovingly care for Rosemarie, who
communicated little at that point; but she would encourage Rose to share her thoughts whenever she
could. Her medical, social work, hospice training and pastoral background care were available to Rose
every time we visited.

My cousin was faith-filled to her passing; and I’m sure Jade’s ability to keep Rose calm, pray with her,
and hold her hand reassuringly as she transitioned into each phase of pending death, was invaluable to
Rose (and to us).

Jade was a good listener to not only Rose, but also to those of us trying to understand each phase Rose
was going thru, as well as help us in our own grieving process. Jade was a good communicator by
phone, e-mail or verbally of what was happening with Rose at each stage, particularly when we couldn’t
be with Rose daily. That is a quality SO appreciated by those of us whose loved ones are in someone’s
care, and our knowledge of medical terms is limited. Jade could explain everything we asked, and
always in a friendly and openly sharing way.

/s/ George & Pam (Nagel) Wright

New Life

Judy, I would like to express my gratitude for the healing work that you performed on myself and my daughter. We benefitted from your healing work on multiple occasions, however,  two particular sessions truly stand out. I was struggling with infertility for several years due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This syndrome causes the eggs to not mature or release from the ovaries and then develop into cysts. I was in the mist of multiple fertility treatment when you performed a healing session on my ovaries. As you focused healing on my ovaries, they began to pop like popcorn. It was such an unusual feeling at first, but quickly I realized that something was happening to my ovaries. They were healing! Not long after that session, I was able to share the happy news with my husband that he was going to be a daddy!

The second occasion was when my daughter in the NICU with a Grade 3 hemorrhage in her brain. Abby was born 16 weeks early and combined with other risk factors, this level of hemorrhage usually results in a significant developmental disability, most commonly Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told us that she may not be able to walk. You visited us in the NICU and performed healing sessions on Abby’s head and brain. I felt such peace watching you touch my daughter’s head with your healing hands. Abby is now 13 years old and has been a catcher for her softball team, played soccer, taken tap and ballet, and more. Based on her early birth and the level of hemorrhage, the medical professionals are shocked that she does not have a developmental disability or significant delay. If I wasn’t there, I am not sure I would believe it myself. Judy, you have an amazing gift. It is my hope that many, many other people who are struggling with being healthy and feeling whole will be able to benefit from your healing touch. ~Michelle Higel, Indiana

Long Distance

“I had the pleasure of working with Jade for a metaphysical attunement via Skype. It was amazing. Although I was not physically in her healing room, the energetic connection was undeniable. It really was amazing! As I laid down in my space (in another country!), Jade worked on my healing. At times, I would feel energy work occurring in specific areas of my body, look over to my computer screen, and see that Jade was working on that specific area (she did her work with the computer set up to view her healing table, and proceeded to heal me as if I was laying down in her space). One instance that comes to mind is when I felt the urge to lift my head from where it rested, as I did so, I cracked open an eye and looked at Jade on the screen–she was working on my head/crown chakra area! Not only did she energetically align my physical and auric bodies, she also, through her intuition garnered insights about my bodies that were spot on! She used these insights to offer empowering tips for my at-home maintenance and health. After the session, I experienced some detox symptoms for three days. These were rather mild, and the most notable effect was a sense of tiredness (along with relaxation!). The third day I really felt the benefits of the attunement: I was refreshed, less anxious, and more in tune with my intuition. Working with Jade was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend her services to those seeking healing and empowerment.” ~J.T. NB, Canada


‘You always seem to pluck the best out of me and say see, look, look here!! And I’m forever grateful to you. Xoxoxo thank you!!!’ AF

‘wowwww what a wonderful lady…i’m so amazed at the things she can feel…she is for me an eye opener, she has reopened Doors that i taught where closed and done with…I FEEL SO GREAT FULL …now i know…they where reopened for a reason…i needed to work on it before closing them…this lady is wonderful..’ KT

D.G.’s Experience With Healing

In November and December, I was wondering why I had not gotten a new job yet. Normally, these things work in great ease as get on clear my desire. But this time I was feeling stuck in job that no longer served me or tapped into my best skills. I felt invisible; on an island where a coworker would occasionally drop a task for me. Twice in the last 8-10 months I got sick due to the stress. I felt like there was a block, way deep, that had probably affected me my whole life. I had done so much mindset healing, but couldn’t see exactly what this block was. I prayed. I tapped. I said affirmations. I used some NLP tricks. I pulled out all the tools.

I feel the one that counted was the prayer. And when I prayed it, I felt like the answer was yes to the healing, and that it would take time, and maybe even some help. I felt inspired to hire a healer.

The first person to come to mind was our own Jade Klemos. I told her I felt blocked. She spent most of the session in healing mode. At the end, she told me there was a block, but in was more a hole. And it was in conflict over protecting myself and wanting to express myself.

This lined up with what I recently learned and acknowledged for myself, trauma due to Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). It was the first time I used the word trauma. I went to great lengths to use the word “ordeal” in my book that tells the story of how I reconstructed my life after it reducing down to almost nothing. After Jade told me I had a hole, I remembered times I felt like my heart or soul had a hole in it. Wow.

She also told me that at the beginning of the session, I showed up to her as invisible and my heart and third eye were closed. She asked if I had been experiencing invisibility, and I said yes.

I experienced an immediate healing from invisibility. The next day I went to the grocery store, other customers and workers were looking right at me and saying hi. In the past what was typical was customers would not see me until they bumped into me with their cart, and then they would say, I’m sorry. Employees would scurry past me. Starting that next day, no more sorries and people look at me in the eye and greet me!

There’s a fabulous list of things that say I am seen. An old friend called “out of the blue” and gave me a job lead. A single guy friend friended me on Facebook. Not the right job lead or right romantic lead, but awesome reminders I am seen! On a business trip, I was in one of our facilities, and some stranger (a coworker, if you think about it) sits down and just starts conversing with me! O wow! My Program Manager gave the first indication in a year that she sees me and bought me a $50 Amazon gift card in appreciation for my work! This list is growing and growing.

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