The Boxed Healer

Jade Klemos

About Jade

Judith “Jade” Klemos is a retired Social Worker, Interfaith Minister, End of Life Doula/Specialist, Shaman, Intuitive Energy Healer, a First Responder Chaplain, Author, a wife, a mother, and a general Purveyor of Magic Moments.

She has used crystals personally and professionally since 1998 to enhance, focus, and amplify her healing practices. 

About The Boxed Healer

What happens when you mix Social Work with Sacred Work?

Healing care packages from Jade and Becky’s heart and soul to yours. While healing is an inside job, it helps to have tools that enhance focus. That’s what The Boxed Healer endeavors to do. Give you the tools to ignite the healer within you, in one box for your specific need.

While aimed at helping beginners build their knowledge, skill, and collection, these boxes are appreciated by experienced crystal healers as well.

To say Jade and Becky were destined to work together would be an understatement. The Universe moved mountains, not once, but twice to bring these two together. First, providing bereavement support to grieving families and now to provide care packages for your heart and soul.

Combining their professional caregiver knowledge with the healing powers of the natural world they have created a truly unique service. 

About Becky

Becky Hall is a hospice Social Worker, Life by Design Mentor, a wife, and mother.

She uses crystals in her meditation practice, finding it enhances creativity, promotes calm, and assist in healing.

She shares this journey openly with her four-year-old daughter, encouraging her daily exploration of the power of crystals.