Healing Rites of Passage

Judith Klemos LSW(r), CTTP

Sacred Attendant

Metaphysical Ministry, First Responder Chaplain, Intuitive Energy & Crystal Healer, Neo-Shamanic Practitioner

Healing Rites of Passage is a sacred space dedicated to providing emotional and spiritual support from birth to death and all the transitions in between.

Life is a precious thing and we all too often are ignorant of its true value until tragedy strikes. You don’t need a tragedy though to put things in perspective.

Healing Rites of Passage is a vessel to gain perspective and explore all of Life’s sacredness to live your best life possible.

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Sacred Attendant

Sacred Attendant services include emotional and spiritual support to navigate major and minor life events.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Learn how to be a Sacred Attendant for those in your family and community.

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