What Is Sacred Healing?

What Is Healing?

Let’s start here. The word healing can be nebulous, with a thousand meanings, depending on who you are talking to.

This is my definition:

Healing: The raising of an individual’s vibration to their optimum level of peace.

This is likely not a definition you were expecting and I’m good with that. Many people define healing only as the cure of a disorder or disease.

Additionally, the dictionary defines it thusly:

noun – the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again: the gift of healing.

adjective – tending to heal; therapeutic: a healing experience / the healing process.

I’ve come to even understand death as a powerful state of healing. When our friends/family are so burdened with suffering from disease or disorder and we seek for them to be healed we have to accept that sometimes their greatest healing will come in transitioning to the next step on their journey. We have to understand that when we seek healing, the Universe hears, understands and will conspire on our behalf for the greatest healing available.

Between death and restoring optimal health here on Earth, lie a thousand points on the healing spectrum.

Where Suffering Starts

Any disease, disorder or malady is a form of suffering and suffering is what we aim to eliminate from Life when we seek healing.

The Body, Mind and Spirit are three amigos who start out on a journey together before conception. The Spirit or consciousness is the Source Energy piece of the group. This is the part of us that is perfect, whole and unconditional love. A spark of the Great Mystery that decided to take an Earthly journey. This spark has consciousness and awareness. It is our greatest Truth.

In order to go on this Earth journey, Spirit requires partners. A partner for transportation – a vehicle so to speak – so it called on Body. Spirit enters body and the two develop together as one. Committed to journeying together. As the two develop together Spirit calls upon a third partner – Mind – to be the driver/navigator of the journey. Sort of like an Uber driver. Spirit is ultimately in charge, designating the destination. Body is the vehicle to get there. The Mind is the one trying to figure out the best path.

Now, in this experience on Earth many things influence the Mind that either take the team towards their desired destination or away from their desired destination. Spirit, while holding the desired destination intended, allows each of the other partners equal input into the journey. Why? Because it is the journey, not the destination, that is actually the goal.

However, when the Mind and Body get too far off Spirit’s course, dissonance occurs in the team and that is what we call ‘suffering’.

When there is dissonance between what your Mind believes to be true and your Spirit KNOWS to be true this creates tension. The tension begins as occlusions in the Energetic Body (that part of your Spirit that is attached to your body) which then become injury or illness in your Physical Body when not addressed.

Remember when you were little and played ‘Hot or Cold’? Someone hid something, you were charged with finding it and they gave you hints by yelling out “warmer, colder, hot or cold”. Remember? Well, our Spirits communicate in a similar manner.

These are our emotions.

When our Mind holds a belief that resonates as truth with our Spirit, that evokes high vibration emotion, such as joy (hot). When our Mind holds a belief that does not resonate as truth with our Spirit, that evokes low vibration emotion, such as anxiety (cold) – aka suffering.

If we become aware of this and seek with our Mind for a higher vibration thought/belief we can relieve ourselves of that suffering. We do not need for circumstances to change in order to be relieved of suffering. That is the mistake most often made. Suffering is of our own making! This is worth repeating…

We do not need for circumstances to change in order to be relieved of our suffering.

When we master our thoughts and beliefs we master our life. Back to the healing aspect, when we insist on circumstances changing in order to feel relief we continue our suffering and it begins to manifest disorders and disease. First it shows up in the energetic field, then it shows up in the emotions, then if we continue to ignore the communication from Spirit it will manifest in our physical body as a result of the energetic build up.

So, in order for effective healing to take place, it must occur in all three zones.

What Is Sacred Healing?

Jade has developed her own unique approach to healing. It combines not only several ancient and modern energy healing modalities and intuition, but also includes cognitive/emotional exploration and support to determine the cause of the dissonance in the emotional, energetic and physical bodies. In other words, it is designed to work on the Body, Mind and Spirit cohesively. With this information a plan of action going forward is established to relieve the suffering and restore optimum health – aka the highest vibration available to the individual.