Jade Klemos

Sacred Medicine Is Therapy For The Soul

The Soul and the body must be in harmony to have a fulfilled experience on Earth

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. –Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are living in likely the most trying times in history right now and sensitive souls are suffering as they attempt to navigate using outdated tools.

If you have landed on this page, it is good indication that Sacred Medicine is already beginning.

Create Harmony

Restore Balance

Facilitate Serenity

About Sacred Medicine

Jade’s Sacred Medicine is steeped in Native American Philosophy, Ancient Healing Practices, Celtic Traditions and Earth-Centered Spirituality.

Sacred Medicine makes a perfect complement to Western medicine as well as other Complementary and Alternative Medicines, often enhancing and expediting efficacy. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies or independently.

Sacred Medicine soothes suffering by assisting to relieve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain caused by imbalance. It is for those seeking a deeper experience of life, as well as for those seeking to relieve trauma.

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About Jade

Siddha Anucara means Sacred Attendant in Sanskrit, an ancient language noted as the mother language. As a Siddha Anucara Jade provides holistic non-medical support to those in need.

Sacred attendants can be of service in a myriad of situations, including but not limited to end of life, crisis, illness, injury and aging.

Jade is a natural born Siddha Anucara who has dedicated her life to following a spiritual path, exploring ancient healing modalities and expanding her expertise.

For over 30 years Jade has developed her Spiritual Medicine to create harmony, restore balance and facilitate serenity in those who seek her counsel.

Intuitive Empath

Like many, Jade was identified as an intuitive empath early in childhood. Also like many, her natural abilities were shunned in her community by those steeped in fear and indoctrination.

In a basic nutshell, intuition is the instinctual knowingness without cognitive reasoning or explanation; and an empath is someone who can sense and/or feel another’s emotional, mental or physical state without cognitive communication.

These two abilities together are a powerful way to navigate life, and also very effective in healing work. Through intuitive impressions and empathic connections, Jade can quickly identify issues you can’t express or haven’t even identified yourself.



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