When in the midst of a moment of fear, be BRAVE.

But what IS brave? Most of fear is irrational. Rational fear is fear regarding physical survival. A car accident, a crime victim, a medical emergency, these are sources of rational fear. Irrational fear are all the moments we create in our mind. They can be expectations for the outcome of a car accident, a crime or a medical emergency; or they can be things we imagine, like we are not good enough, we won’t succeed or we can’t do something.

BRAVE are the five concepts you can remind yourself when fear or worry begin to creep in.

  • Be in the present moment
  • Realize everything is for your highest good
  • Accept delivery from the Universe
  • Vibrations attract like vibrations
  • Energy’s natural state is flow

Be in the present moment.

This is the first and foremost thing to remember, not just because it starts with ‘b’, but because all of our irrational fear is NOT IN the present moment. Nope. All our irrational fears are based in ‘what ifs’ and they lie in a future that has not yet been determined. Bottom line? Its your imagination. That’s all. Keep your mind in the present moment. The one that is exactly in front of you. Not a moment in the future or a moment in the past. Neither of those things actually exist, you know. The past is dead and the future is yet unborn. So this moment, this one right here, this is where you must keep your focus. With me?

Realize everything is for your highest good.

Accepting this as a truth, no matter your faith-base will help you accept what is going on in the present moment. This right now is for your highest good. You might not be able to see the reason from where you are standing but indeed it is being done for your highest good. If you need proof of this, go back in memory to a time you thought was the end of your world. Remember how that felt? Remember how hopeless it all seemed? Remember how sure you were that it was going to be the end of everything good in your life? How did that finally turn out? What amazing things came about because of that very difficult time? Didn’t something spectacular come into that space that had been emptied?

It doesn’t mean it wasn’t painful. Growth always comes with growing pains. It just means it had to happen the way it happened for your highest good.

Accept delivery from the Universe.

Ok, this is an often over looked item. How many times have you heard the statement ‘its too good to be true” in your lifetime? Fear. Now, I’m not talking about people trying to sell you a Rolex for $150. There are scams and there are scam artists. However, sometimes you can take that same logic and apply it where it doesn’t belong…like in a relationship or opportunity for instance. Check your heartspace. In your heart, not your mind (cuz the mind can be manipulated) you know the truth. You know if this guy is giving you a line or is coming from an authentic place. You either BELIEVE him or you WANT to believe him. If there is something in your gut telling you he’s not being authentic, then there is your answer. Same thing with an opportunity. You don’t even have to identify if it is a scam or not, you just have to know that it doesn’t resonate with your highest good. You have a sixth sense, use it. If you BELIEVE it then allow it in. Don’t say you allow it in but keep your distance. Don’t say you accept it but then question it. Accept delivery from the Universe. In your spiritual energy place remove the walls you’ve put up and allow in what the Universe wants you to have!

So when in the midst of a fearful moment accept delivery of the situation and anything else that might come with it. For instance, one who has a hard time accepting help or support from others, might be put in a situation where they absolutely need help and support, but might be inclined to reject the help and support that comes along, saying ‘I can do it on my own. I can’t trust people.” This is NOT accepting delivery from the Universe.

Vibrations attract like vibrations.

Everything in existence vibrates at its own unique frequency. These frequencies range from lower to higher. Those in the higher range attract others in the higher range. Those in the lower range attract others in the lower range. Every thought you have is higher or lower. Every decision you make is higher or lower. Every activity you do is higher or lower. Want to raise your vibrations? Think higher thoughts, make higher decisions and do higher activities. The higher you raise your vibrations the more you will see higher things/events/people coming to you.

You’ve heard the idiom ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’, right? This is how/why the teacher finds the student when they are ready. It is about the vibrations. This is ALSO how/why to find your perfect romantic partner in this life. Conversely, it is also how/why you keep ‘dating the same type of man/woman’ that isn’t working for you. Like vibrations attract like vibrations. Fear and worry are low vibrations and will only bring more low vibrations, so staying BRAVE in situations like this will help keep your vibrations high.

Energy’s natural state is flow.

Energy is everywhere and its natural state is flow. Energy is not blocked, energy GETS blocked. By you. And only you. If you have blockages it is up to you to remove them. You can collaborate with a healer to remove the metaphysical blocks but if you do not address the thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns associated with it, the block will resume. It is helpful to solicit assistance from a professional to expedite the procedure; to really dig down and get the roots and not just the leaves above ground. But the day to day work falls on you. The responsibility for the maintenance to keep that particular weed out of your garden belongs to you. It is not a one and done thing. Much like eating one healthy meal will not get you to lose that 40 pounds, neither will one healing session, one coaching session or one day of positive thinking raise and keep your vibrations high.

So stop stopping the flow! Do whatever you have to, to remove the blocks in your energy field and to keep the flow, flowing! If the energy is not flowing in your life it is because YOU are blocking it!

No matter what situation you are in right now, right this very minute, being BRAVE can get you through it.

~ Jade

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