Short PSA About Fatigue

Placeholder ImageFrom the metaphysical practitioner standpoint, fatigue has many causes.
1) Its tiring to purge shit. Think about when you clean your house and do purging, it wears you out. Think about how tired you get when you are sick and vomiting (aka purging). Purging is tiring.
2) It is tiring to suffer a loss. When we purge we are letting go, and desired or not it is a loss. Loss is tiring.
3) Healing is tiring. When we are healing, either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually we get tired. Our bodies, minds and spirit connection does a lot of work while we sleep. Think of children who sleep SO much more when they are going through a growth spurt. Healing/growing is tiring.
4) Depression is tiring. It gets a lot of attention, depression does. But there is a difference between depressed tired, sad tired and the above three tireds. Too much emphasis from pop culture and tv advertisements about justifying your tiredness by claiming depression. Don’t go there unless you’ve explored all other options.
5) Life is tiring at times. Sometimes there are phases of times when a lot is coming at you and you need more time to rejuvenate than normal. This is also understandable. You sleep better and are more tired on days you exercise more than on days you exercise less, correct? Life is tiring at times.
6) Being disconnected from Life Source Energy is exhausting. Learned this one the hard way. If you do not understand how you connect to Life Energy and to other people, you can inadvertently use your Life Energy to assist others, thus depleting yourself. Its like giving people your money rather than assisting them in making their own. Reallocating your resources in this matter is necessary. Disconnect is tiring.
Remember that life is a living thing. It ebbs and flows just like any other living thing. Tides come in and out. Waves lap onto shore and slide back. Our breath comes in and out.
Don’t overthink the ebbs…

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