When Is A Boil Not A Boil?

When its a message…

I am 52 years old and I have never had a boil before in my life. Never. I was perplexed to say the least, as I conjured up my special mixture of essentials oils for the aforementioned affliction. The super odd part is that by the time I found it, it looked like it was already in the healing phase. Never having hurt or erupted. I know about boils, because I have two family members who get them regularly. I know what I’ve told them about managing stress and better eating habits.

But they always, ALWAYS follow a particular pattern. They start out like a painful pimple, then red and big and painful, then erupt or if they don’t erupt they feel like they should and then begin to turn purple as the pain subsides and it heals.

Except mine didn’t do this. It went right straight to come up to the surface and heal. No pain. No eruption.

I sat in meditation about what message this boil was bringing me. Boils are associated with low immune system, poor diet and high stress. Normally none of those are an issue for me, but lately the stress has rather been out of hand; so I get it. Boil. Not out of the blue. So, what’s the message?

I sat. I listened. I waited. And it came.

Boils are the symbol for allowing things to bubble up to the surface. Raise the poison up from the depths, to erupt on the surface. Allow it to do what it needs to do to be released. Embrace the wisdom in not resisting the journey from down deep. See the value of the raising up things kept deeply hidden.

Then I waited some more and a bigger picture revealed itself.

Growth comes from digging deep and yet that is not the image presented to me of how growth affects us! The message that played before me was this:

When we think of getting to the ‘bottom’ of things, or the ‘root’ we think finitely. But growth is far more like climbing a mountain. Each ‘root’ cause we identify we climb higher on our mountain. Step by step we elevate ourselves, and with each step our view improves. We see things we couldn’t see before. We have ideas and creations we didn’t have before. The higher we get on our mountain the more perspective we get. The further we can see. The more opportunities available. When we think of climbing mountains we think infinitely and this is far more accurate.

The more we let go of beliefs and perceptions that confine us or weigh us down the higher we rise. We expand like ripples on the water to be more inclusive rather than exclusive. Because that is what Life is mean to be, inclusive; including as many wide and varied experiences as we can fit in.

Life is NOT about limits and playing small. Its about climbing mountains, expanding horizons and limitless skies.

I love you.


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