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I intend to leave people and places better than I found them. -Jade Klemos

Siddha Anucara means Sacred Attendant in Sanskrit, an ancient language noted as the mother language. A Siddha Anucara is a holistic non-medical support person trained to provide holistic support (physical, emotional, social and spiritual) to those in need.


I was raised in a very strict Catholic household, but followed my soul to research all of the mainstream and many of the modern religions and philosophies. I strongly identify as spiritual, but not religious. In this journey I have found it difficult to find the right spiritual guide, counselor, and officiants to celebrate rituals for me and my family. So, I created my own and eventually became an ordained minister in 2003 in order to offer these services to others.

Spiritual Guidance

I live a holistic spiritual life. I have a unique perspective and a deeply spiritual philosophy. This combination has helped me grow through the challenges of my life and created a life filled with love and peace. In combination with my Social Work experience and training I offer a unique and successful system to spiritual healing.

End of Life Specialist

A lifetime of personal and an almost 30 years of professional experience as a Licensed Social Worker has prepared me to be present for those who are experiencing loss. As an End of Life Specialist I endeavor to support the person and family in having the best death experience possible, by providing education, guidance and presence -before, during, and after death. I offer unique opportunities to do sacred grief work, rooted in Irish tradition.

Energy Work

Over the past 30+ years I have developed a Mastery of energy healing by studying and practicing many modalities in combination with my own inherent and intuitive gifts. My practice is steeped in Native American philosophy, Celtic tradition and Earth Centered Spirituality.


Sacred Rituals

Funeral/Memorials Officiant

  • Sacred rituals for the grieving to honor the life of the loved one who has transitioned.

Wedding, Vow Renewal and Hand Fasting

  • Completely originally-crafted ceremonies created to reflect the energy of the couple/family. Nature based, secular, spiritual ceremonies.

Baby Blessing/Naming

  • Alternative to religious baptism focusing on welcoming the child and blessing their journey on Earth. Includes Blessing of the Journey annointing.

Uncoupling Ceremony

  • A ceremony to unbind the marital tie and bless your respective separate journeys.

Blessing of the Journey

  • A sacred anointing ritual to bless the one making a transition whether it be a new birth, crossing over (last rites), transitioning gender, graduating high school or college or newly single. This has been very helpful in times when a loved one seems to be having a difficult time crossing over to the other side of the veil.

Healing Circles (groups of 3-9)

  • An energy exchange circle focusing on the needs of the participants ie: releasing, grieving, physical ailments, spiritual ailments, emotional challenges etc. This is workshop/retreat type of experience and lasts 90 mins to 2 hours.

Shamanic Death Rites

  • A sacred post mortem ritual to aide your loved one in letting go of this world and supporting them on their journey to the next. Can be done any time after death (even years later).

Spiritual Healing


  • Weekly 1 hour sessions by phone or in person. Unlimited text or email exchange.

Keening: The Sacred Irish Art of Grieving

  • Deep resonant grief work

Neo-Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions

  • Connecting to Source and Spirit Guides, each energy healing session is unique and may or may not include crystals, music, imagery, visualization, coaching, journeying, chakra work, or aura clearing along with energy direction.

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Thanks to you helping me get outside my ego, I find I am able to often look at the past “with wisdom” rather than pain. It is awesome!

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