The What If Game

We spend a lot of time asking ‘what if’ yet we rarely, if ever, ask it to our benefit. Normally, it is some form of ‘what if I fail?’

 Today I was afforded an opportunity to explore ‘what if there is no failure?’

What if I totally mess up in some way but it all works out anyway? What if in ‘messing it up’ my real self is given the stage to reveal itself and that attracts a clients/partner/employer/opportunity that might not otherwise have appeared? What if in failing I actually succeed? What then would my story be? 

I was raised in a climate where there was one path to success and it was measured by money. I learned a certain hierarchy: You start in an hourly wage job, you go to college, graduate, move up to a salaried position and then increase your salary each year. You work for a corporation that paid benefits and you started your 401K right away. If you were over 28 working at an hourly wage you weren’t considered succeeding.

So, imagine how much pre-programming I have to overcome to consider myself successful today? I work on an hourly basis. I do not work for a corporation. I do not have lots of money in the bank. I do not have paid benefits. Yet, I have never felt more successful in my life!


You know…I just realized that as I wrote it.


I have never felt more successful in my life, than I do right now.

I have a partner who supports me unconditionally. I have a grown daughter who values me, is filled with wisdom and is living from her heart. I have good relationships with my stepson and his whole family. I have great friends and a wonderful sister. I do not have to go to a job every day that makes me sick.


Every day life gets bigger for me. I am allowed and encouraged to explore my personal development to its fullest ends. Each day I expand (or die). And I haven’t even hit the best part yet! I get to assist others in their expansion as well! As fun as it is for me to personally expand, multiply that by 100,000 when I assist others in their expansion. Honestly. Nothing gives me more joy than doing a Qi Energy session, or an intuitive Qi card reading or even just having a general support contact. What is even better then is when those people go on to help others! It is so inspiring to be part of the ripple of life!


So, back to ‘what if’….


What if instead of imagining everything that could go ‘wrong’, I imagine that nothing can go wrong because it always goes exactly as it needs to for my highest good? What if I judge myself ‘successful’ instead of ‘unsuccessful’? What if I err on the side of YES! instead of caution? What if I go all out in every single present moment? What if instead of playing small (safe), I reserve no action, thought or inspiration? What if instead of holding back I allow inspiration to direct my every movement?


Well, then I’d be a lot more successful than I already feel!


If you play the ‘What If Game’ upgrade to the 2.0 version. We know that we are full of unlimited possibilities, so make a contract with yourself that every time you think “what if I fail?”, balance that thought with “what if I succeed?”. “What if I make a mistake?” means you also have to ask “what if I make no mistakes?” Eventually, move yourself to the 3.0 version where you mostly ask “What if everything turns out better than I envision?”


What if?


What if I loved you?


Well, I do!




PS I am always actively looking for new collaborators in expansion. Strong spiritual individuals intent on exploring the unending path of spiritual, emotional and mental development. If you think that I can assist you, please feel free to send me a message to see if we are a good match!

Jade’s work is different and we think you will find it effective and economic. It combines Jade’s knowledge and skills cultivated over three decades of psychiatry, human services, hospice, geriatrics, crystal healing, QiGong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch with her natural Spirit given gifts of intuition and being an empath.
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Beautiful – It’s Not What You Think

IMG_20170904_104700I love to do a good face mask. My favorite is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask made from Calcium Bentonite Clay. I love it because I feel like it actually digs deep down and pulls stuff out of my pores and afterwards my skin glows. I find it an analogy for so many things. Digging the crap out of your internal psychoemotional pores and sloughing off the dead surface layer to allow the deeper radiance to shine through.

Its also an analogy for something else. As I endeavor to do more videos, I am more aware of my appearance and notice myself weighing this feature against another when setting things up. I often opt out of doing a video because I don’t feel like showering and putting on make up. As I looked into the mirror while putting on the mask and cherishing this moment of indulgence, it hit me.

Not all moments of beauty are beautiful.

To prove it, I took this picture. (This face never fails to make my hubby laugh.) Aside from that though it caused me to think about other non-beautiful moments of beauty. Pictures like that fireman carrying the child on 9/11, or childbirth, or a mother’s face just after giving birth as she holds her newborn all sweaty and fatigued.

But there are many many MANY more non-beautiful moments of beauty that we can’t take pictures of and might not even recognize as such. Moments of ferreting out those thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns that don’t serve our spiritual destiny. Ugly stuff. It feels uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes seemingly painful, but in the end the beauty it creates in our lives is limitless. Without these non-beautiful moments of beauty we could not explore our true beauty.

Right now, I guarantee there are non-beautiful moments going on right now in your life that you can’t embrace for their hidden beauty. I know I have a shit-ton of them right now and I was completely overlooking them.

As a Intuitive Spiritual Transformation Facilitator I fall into the trap often of thinking I need to present a ‘perfect package’, like so many others do, to prove I’ve ‘made it’ and therefore worthy of getting paid to walk with others on their journey. Pfft, as if there were a landing space called ‘success’ in life! There are no landing places. This is a journey and there are hills, valleys, mountains, curves and steep grades, but no landing places. We stop to catch our breath then we keep moving. The only landing place is the present moment we are in. In each present moment there are gifts…some are beauties and some are uglies.

Instead of hiding mine, I’m going to share and I hope you will too. Getting the uglies out into the daylight can help us see their hidden beauty. Here we go…

These are the Uglies I can get caught up in: My husband had a brainstem stroke in January of this year. He is the bread winner of the family currently as I struggle to get my business going. My daughter has been in a dark place since her father died a year ago. I’m in court fighting his deathbed widow over my own retirement funds. As a result of a kylego I created, envisioned and organized an amazing two day transformational retreat/workshop. Despite my excitement and  forward feeling of achievement not one person has registered. My husband is in construction and we got stiffed just under $7,000 on a tiling job this month. Subsequently, our mortgage automatic payment bounced. I broke a tooth about a month ago and made arrangements to pay half at the first visit and half at the second visit to get it fixed. Because of being stiffed we didn’t have the resources to go back for the second visit.

Now here are the beauties that have shown up as a result: My husband’s recovery has been amazing. With a combination of mindset work and energy healing work he was the shortest stay in the rehab unit they have ever had. He went back to work the Monday after he was released, with caution. He was back to driving within months. The lasting effects are minimal and isolated mostly to short term memory loss and expressive communication. My daughter has moved back home to heal from her loss and has turned a corner in the darkness that grief can be. I just won an important appeal in my court case. Although right now no one else will experience my amazing retreat I have done some really phenomenal work creating interactive, reflective and transformative individual, paired and group exercises all ready and waiting to go for future retreats/workshops and client work. The best part is that I got to do that creating. The only thing I love more than creating transformative experiences is facilitating them for people. Despite getting stiffed on $7,000 worth of work, we kept the lights on. We didn’t miss the mortgage payment, because although the one contractor failed to pay, my hubby had secured another job. It was enough to cover that mortgage payment (the deposit was made hours after the automatic payment was kicked) as well as some other necessities.  My temporary crown is holding nicely and we shall soon have enough money for me to go back for the permanent one because work is lined up.

I can even go back further to three years ago when I quit my 28 year career to move across two states where we bought a house with no money and no credit; and when I had fibromyalgia and was living with an average daily pain of 7-8, to now when my average daily experience is a pain level 1 with no meds.

I could go back even further because at 53 I’ve come a long long way baby…but I won’t. 🙂

The point is we have a tendency at times to define our journeys by the distance we have yet to go, and by lamenting things that don’t show up the way we think they need to and thus overlooking the multitude of ways we manifest abundance and miracles. When you are stuck in “what am I doing wrong that I can’t manifest what I want” remember your ‘success’ is about the distance travelled not the distance yet to go…

*Please share your ‘uglies’ either in words or pictures below! Let’s all be real and share our non-beautiful moments of beauty with each other!

Restlessness Is Your Friend

You are going along just fine. Things are going your way. You experience great happiness. You are content and at peace. You are in bliss.

…and the next moment you are discontent and have no idea why.

You may not even realize it at the moment, you just don’t ‘feel right’. The feeling might be nagging you. It might be only mildly perceptible to you. It might totally overcome you.

Nothing you do feels right. Like you are putting on someone else’s clothes or wearing someone else’s glasses and it came out of the blue. Your normal routine leaves you lacking. One of the first things you might try is addiction/distraction; TV, eating, shopping, socializing, drinking etc… None of these will make it go away though.

Its restlessness.

It is your soul’s calling. A message that your Soul is stirring. It won’t go away until you do something other than what you are doing. Do the exact opposite. If you are sitting watching TV then go out for a walk. Go outside and read. Lie in the sun. Walk a dog. Go for a swim.

Do anything other than what you have tried. I promise you it makes all the difference. Your Soul is begging for you to stir up the chi, to break the astral gravity that keeps you in a rut. It won’t take long before that feeling leaves you and something amazing shows up in your life, inbox, doorstep or neighborhood.

When the things you have been focusing on seem out of focus and the things you’ve been wanting to manifest don’t appear its a sure bet that you need to shake up the astral gravity. Break the chains that bind you, so to speak. Just do something different.

You won’t want to. You won’t. The restlessness will feel like apathy, but it isn’t. It needs you to move, to stir the chi.

Even if you just get up and clean one room of your house, you will begin to feel relief. Take a bath, more relief. Lay out in the sun, more relief. Do a little QiGong to really remove the stagnation waiting to be released! You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Just like taking steps on your spiritual path, you don’t have to move mountains your first day, or even your 1001st day! Just take one step. Make it as small as necessary to get it done with the right energy. It doesn’t matter the results, don’t have expectations about what it will bring, just DO IT.

What you will find on the other side of this restlessness is breakthrough. Ok, maybe not. Maybe it will just be clarity, or comfort, or resolve, or inspiration or just a small bit of peace. Whatever it is, it is only to be found on the other side of the restlessness. The key is to remember that restlessness is your friend. It is a great instigator for spiritual growth. It is the announcement that your Soul is ready for more.

It is the marking of a soul’s calling. “I’m ready for more” it screams. “We can do this! Let’s get moving!” “I want MORE!” Heed your own call!

Feed your Soul!


Remember for those restless souls choosing to make a commitment to listen to that calling there is a retreat/workshop coming up!

In a time of disbelief, discontent, and disorder your Spirit can become restless, feeling as though you need to do something, but have no idea what. Or maybe you have been trying repeatedly to apply the Universal Laws but still come up against blocks and limitations.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone feeling lost and looking for a deeper connection to life. Anyone contemplating a life change. Anyone looking for advancement on their spiritual path. Anyone looking for their tribe of spiritually like-minded individuals. Anyone who needs some spiritual self care.

Just seven of limitless opportunities guaranteed in this workshop:

~foster new relationships with soul mates (people you were destined to meet)

~release yourself from the chains of past events and beliefs

~learn communication techniques to improve your relationships

~feed your soul doing meditation, visualization, group exercises and rituals

~discover how to respond not react to life events and situations

~participate in group energy healing even if you have never done healing before

~gain clarity for your life

After registering you will be sent a registration packet so that we can meet your individual needs.

When: September 16 & 17, 2017

Where: Waterford, Michigan

Early Bird Registration: $500

Registration after September 1, 2017: $675