Intimidation, Intimidating & Intimidated

pexels-photo-278312.jpegAm I the only one who thinks about these types of things?? ūüėČ I sometimes feel like I am the odd one out, spending so much time analyzing the uncomfortable aspects of being Human.

This week all the aspects of intimidation have been on my mind.

I think we’ve all felt intimidated by someone at one time or another in our lives. I’ll be honest and say that I used to be intimidated by just about everyone. I was so unsure of myself and thought I needed other people to validate my worth that I completely psyched myself out in every situation.

As I grew in my own power and understood how energy works then I became less and less intimidated by others.

Now people tell me that I am intimidating, which I find mystifying. I don’t see anything about myself that could possibly intimidate anyone else, but I’m beginning to understand a little more everyday.

Like everything else it comes down to an energy thing.

I want to really break this down in a clear manner, just on the off chance that someone else out there has had these thoughts. (And if you have, please state your thoughts in the comments section so I can know I’m not alone!) Let’s begin that by distinguishing the difference between using intimidation tactics, feeling intimidated and being intimidating.


Intimidation is an intent to overpower someone, in a particular manner. A bully uses intimidation tactics to feed themselves energetically. A bully is a wounded being overcompensating for their own pain and feelings of insecurity. A bully has a negative outlook, sees themselves as a victim and prepares to strike before being struck down. This makes others feel uncomfortable and tends to be divisive.

The whole premise it to shift “the opponent’s” footing to the defensive. To catch one off guard to gain some sort of upper hand. Every interaction is seen as something to be ‘won or lost’.


In a world full of individuals who are trying to figure themselves out it can be unsettling to come across someone who appears to have themselves figured out more than another. Feeling intimidated is an internal process – a measuring of your self value against your¬†perception¬†of another’s.

When we feel intimidated we are looking at another, but seeing our perceived deficits. Its like looking in a mirror and seeing only our flaws. It does not leave us with a great sense of self-esteem. It does not give us power to move forward into life. This is one place I can easily label as a point where people disempower themselves.


To¬†be¬†intimidating is a whole other ball of wax and it has nothing to do with us. Being intimidating is an effect defined by the response of another to our awesomeness. It is the result of another’s feelings of insecurity.¬†However, once you are aware of being intimidating to someone, it is then your responsibility to act consciously. It means you don’t exploit that and turn it into actual intimidation.

You are charged with the task of elevating others’ ability to empower themselves. It is not your job to adjust their self-image, but it is your job to not feed into their already low one. When you are raising your vibration those around you can feel discomfort and some individuals are intimidated when they experience discomfort.

The secret is to differentiate between feeling discomfort and feeling uncomfortable.

Discomfort is the result of being out of your comfort zone. While it feels different it does not threaten you (well, it might be threatening to your old self, but that’s another story).¬†Uncomfortable,¬†on the other hand,¬†is a place of dissonance and truly being threatened.

When you are in the throws of it though, it can be difficult to know the difference. Its always best to take it slowly and choose your response, rather than react quickly and possibly regrettably.

Those who need to use intimidation tactics operate from a power deficient dynamic. They have unresolved wounds that have affected their esteem and the underlying belief that their power can be lost by the actions of another. They will constantly look for validation by comparing themselves to others, and when they feel their standing is threatened will cut others down. They tend to have expectations and judgements by which they measure others and perceive power to be a limited resource for which they must struggle. They will use insults, dismissals and talking over someone to establish their place of power.

Those whose frequency is on the rise will not be deterred by the actions or the words of another. They operate from a power surplus dynamic. They understand that personal power is not dependent upon any other, but on their own merits. Efforts to unnerve or disparage those with a high vibration have no effect. They have a basic understanding that power is infinite and do not see the need for struggle. They have a presence of confidence about them by actively listening, responding with respect and communicating clearly in a normal tone of voice.

For one who believes in the need to struggle for their power, the presence of one who does not will be quite unsettling…one might say it could be intimidating.

Nowadays, I can definitely feel intimidated when someone uses intimidation tactics. I don’t resonate with those operating on that frequency. I find it awkward to deal with them, but I do try to find the highest vibrational response when doing so. I find it best to seek the nearest exit, for the most part. I don’t waste my time trying to negotiate or educate on what I think is a better way of living.

It’s not my job to save people from themselves – unless they invite me to!

So, those are my thoughts on the subject of intimidation. Please drop a comment below to let me know your thoughts on the topic. Even if its just to say you’ve never bothered to explore this strange topic!

I love you!


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4 responses to “Intimidation, Intimidating & Intimidated”

  1. As always, I love the exploration and I appreciate the time and thought you put into these quandaries. You know I think these thoughts, and wonder these wonders – you always have an avid co-wonderer in me.


    1. Love that we are co-journers together!

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  2. Love this, my friend! Your writing just keeps getting better and better (and it was really good to begin with)! LOVE YOU!


    1. Thank you beautiful friend!! Love you!


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