The Foul-Mouthed Woman

Who is the Foul-Mouthed Woman? 

She is the Maid, the Mother and the Crone,
The Divine Feminine and the Naughty School Girl.

She is the Keeper of the Flame, the Speaker of Truths,  
The Seductress, the Riveter and the High Priestess.

She is the CEO, the School Nurse, the Mechanic
The Homeschool Teacher and the Roller Derby Queen.

She is the Dreamer, the Nourisher, the Provider,The Designer, the Creator and the Creation.

She is the one who punctuates her sentences with ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’,And the one who wants to. 

She is the one whose shame dims her light,
And the one who shines it bright.

She is the one who is expanding into the space
She’s been told she has no right to.

She is the one who chooses to have nine kids,
And the one who chooses to have none. 

She is tired of being polite, waiting for her turn, being quiet
And making a juicy life out of left over scraps.

She is weary of double standards, inequity, deceptions,
Prejudice, injustice, violence and war.

She is fatigued by giving more than she receives 
And being told she still isn’t enough.

She is worn out from fighting battles not hers
And standing alone for her own. 

She has been accused of being too much,
Too loud, too big, too smart, too angry, too fat.

Too colorful, too bold, too old, too brazen,
Too strong, too sensitive, too dark, too light. 

Too fierce, too full of herself, too bossy, too revealing,
Too masculine, too feminine, too direct.

Too much? Yes, she IS too much… 
Too much to be diminished any longer. 

Jade Klemos

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