What Is Happening???

In case you’ve asked yourself “What is happening??” There is a current energetic force of purging. This energy is bringing foul things to the surface. It is bringing things up and out for release.

It is showing you who YOU are, who YOU are NOT; as well as who is and who is not your people.

If things have been going awry and you find yourself wondering ‘what is happening?’ or “Why is this happening to me?” This is why! YOU are in alignment and all that is not in alignment with YOU is falling away. It may even be falling away in a rather violent manner.

Stay true to you. Don’t let them change who YOU are. Stay true to YOU. Be YOU. Let them be them and move on. You’re going to see this in people you just meet as well as people you’ve known for years. It will come out of the blue. You are evolving in one direction at great speed and they are evolving in a different direction at likely equal speed. This is not a ‘drifting apart’ kind of situation. This is more like a warp speed ripping a tear in the Universe kinda speed. Like ripping off a band-aid. Ouch.

And like that band-aid you throw it in the trash. You do not go back for it. You do not try to salvage it. You do not try to reuse it. It has served its purpose, so extend gratitude towards it. It served its purpose and now it is done.

Take time to grieve the losses of relationships that were once important to you. Then take a moment to express gratitude for them falling away! Take a moment to express gratitude that YOU are NOT those people!!

Afterwards you might experience some side effects:

  • Lightness in your being.
  • Higher vibration.
  • A humming sensation in your body.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Increased general well-being.

Sometimes I like to think of this process like the birthing process. This squeezing through the darkness is like traveling through the birth canal…it is necessary to get to the Light.

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