Understanding Karmic Relationships

The roles here on Earth mean something only here on Earth. Your soul is genderless. Your soul is without family relations. Your soul has no blood line. Your soul has no race nor religion.

Earthly roles are familial and legal. There are parents, offspring, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses and in-laws. As souls we have other relationships. We have soulmates. Souls that travel together for lifetimes are known as soul packs. Over many lifetimes each soul will play different earthly roles for each other.

Do not invest so much in the Earthly roles. Who FEELS like your father? THAT is your true father. Who’s spirit feels motherly to you? THAT is your true mother. Just as your mother has been your mother, your sister, your best friend (as well as your father and your brother, because remember the soul has no gender)…so too have others played these roles. They are your soul pack. They would never let you down.

Karmic relationships hold no such history or connection and to ascribe the same expectations on them would only hurt and disappoint yourself. Karmic relationships are Spirit’s way of giving those who get ‘stuck’ a helping hand. Spirit connects these stuck souls with more evolved souls who are powerful in many ways and can amplify energy to facilitate the healing of the stuck spirit.

THIS is why many empaths end up with narcissists! Empaths are spirits who are quite evolved (everyone is eventually an empath when they evolve over their lifetimes), because of this they are often paired with narcissists, who are less evolved (aka STUCK) spirits. Its like a mentorship program on earth. Sometimes these pairings are successful, sometimes they are not.

The problem comes in when the evolved spirit gets stuck WITH the stuck spirit as in…marriage or longterm relationship choices. This was not meant to be. However, because the evolved spirit can see the potential in someone and often brings out the best in them initially, they tend to hold on to that imprint of the stuck spirit. They don’t want to lose hope in the stuck spirit because the evolved spirit knows they were once where the stuck spirit is now.

It is your lesson, as an empath/evolved spirit to know when to back yourself up and put things into perspective. Your parents who were stuck, did not fail you. You did not get cheated out of anything. This was your destiny. To be their teacher, helper, healer. You chose to help them as once you were helped.

So grieve not what you thought you lost/were cheated out of. Instead look to your spiritual family and know that everyone is there loving you in your job on Earth.

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