Clearing The Confusion About The Types Of Energy Healing

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When I tell people I am an energy healer I get everything from “what is that?” to “Oh, so you do Reiki?”

Answering either of those is not easy. Yes, I do Reiki, but I don’t only do Reiki. And trying to tell someone what energy healing is, is a little like trying to explain water. 

Here are the types of energy healing and their modalities:

  • Physical Touch. These modalities of energy work involve direct contact between a healer and the patient’s body, including massage, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Hands, Reiki or any use of the hands being laid upon the body.
  • Energetic Body. This type of energy work involves working in the energetic ethereal body also known as the aura or energy field of a human, plant or animal. They use Universal energy to facilitate healing energy like QiGong. Modalities include QiGong, aura cleansing, 
  • Vibration. This type of energy healing involve the movement of vibrating elements both within and without the body, like sound waves, light waves, even the vibrations of our thoughts and language. Modalities can sometimes include sound bowls, therapeutic music, crystals and chanting.
  • The mind. This type of energy work originates with the actual thoughts of the healer. Modalities include in telepathic exploration, blessings, mantras and prayer.
  • Channeling. These practices use the healer as a conduit for spiritual assistance from other people, entities, or energies in the unseen, non-physical realm.
  • Chakra. Some energy healing practices focus upon the 7 known energy centers within each living body, and seek to clear anything that blocks flow within these energetic portals.
  • Meridian. Some healing modalities, like acupuncture, acupressure and EFT focus upon the long currents of energy running through our bodies known as meridians.

These are the types. An energy healing practice may incorporate many or all of the above types. How a healer facilitates a particular type of healing is known as the modality. This is unique and individual to each practitioner and in my mind cannot really be duplicated as each individual has their own signature energy, much like a fingerprint which, intentional or not, influences the delivery. (This is why working on clients when the practitioner is ill is discouraged.)

This is why, Usui Reiki from one practitioner will feel different than from another practitioner even if both practitioners studied under the same Master. Yes, the modality may be technically the same, but the energy healing will be unique. A different technique is not a new type nor is it a new modality, its just a different technique. Think of energy healing as paper products. Depending on your needs you will choose the appropriate type (aka facial tissue, toilet tissue or paper towels). Think of the modality as the brand you prefer (Kleenex or Puffs) and the practitioner as the specific delivery system (with lotion, with vicks, triple ply, extra strong etc.). You will sense a difference between and most definitely have a preference among practitioners, but the healing energy is still the same pure energy that everyone has access to – no one discovers a new kind of energy healing, just their own access to it.

What is most important in choosing to pursue healing energy is making that first appointment. If you trust your instincts you are sure to find the right type, modality and practitioner for your highest good.

I love you.


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