Clearing The Confusion About The Types Of Energy Healing

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When I tell people I am an energy healer I get everything from “what is that?” to “Oh, so you do Reiki?”

Answering either of those is not easy. Yes, I do Reiki, but I don’t only do Reiki. And trying to tell someone what energy healing is, is a little like trying to explain water. 

Here are the types of energy healing and their modalities:

  • Physical Touch. These modalities of energy work involve direct contact between a healer and the patient’s body, including massage, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Hands, Reiki or any use of the hands being laid upon the body.
  • Energetic Body. This type of energy work involves working in the energetic ethereal body also known as the aura or energy field of a human, plant or animal. They use Universal energy to facilitate healing energy like QiGong. Modalities include QiGong, aura cleansing, 
  • Vibration. This type of energy healing involve the movement of vibrating elements both within and without the body, like sound waves, light waves, even the vibrations of our thoughts and language. Modalities can sometimes include sound bowls, therapeutic music, crystals and chanting.
  • The mind. This type of energy work originates with the actual thoughts of the healer. Modalities include in telepathic exploration, blessings, mantras and prayer.
  • Channeling. These practices use the healer as a conduit for spiritual assistance from other people, entities, or energies in the unseen, non-physical realm.
  • Chakra. Some energy healing practices focus upon the 7 known energy centers within each living body, and seek to clear anything that blocks flow within these energetic portals.
  • Meridian. Some healing modalities, like acupuncture, acupressure and EFT focus upon the long currents of energy running through our bodies known as meridians.

These are the types. An energy healing practice may incorporate many or all of the above types. How a healer facilitates a particular type of healing is known as the modality. This is unique and individual to each practitioner and in my mind cannot really be duplicated as each individual has their own signature energy, much like a fingerprint which, intentional or not, influences the delivery. (This is why working on clients when the practitioner is ill is discouraged.)

This is why, Usui Reiki from one practitioner will feel different than from another practitioner even if both practitioners studied under the same Master. Yes, the modality may be technically the same, but the energy healing will be unique. A different technique is not a new type nor is it a new modality, its just a different technique. Think of energy healing as paper products. Depending on your needs you will choose the appropriate type (aka facial tissue, toilet tissue or paper towels). Think of the modality as the brand you prefer (Kleenex or Puffs) and the practitioner as the specific delivery system (with lotion, with vicks, triple ply, extra strong etc.). You will sense a difference between and most definitely have a preference among practitioners, but the healing energy is still the same pure energy that everyone has access to – no one discovers a new kind of energy healing, just their own access to it.

What is most important in choosing to pursue healing energy is making that first appointment. If you trust your instincts you are sure to find the right type, modality and practitioner for your highest good.

I love you.


A Universal Energy Healing Meditation

Look, I get it.

You are sitting there, desiring a better life, but your financial resources are already stretched to the max. You are making ends meet, barely – or maybe they aren’t even meeting. You desire to pursue a healing path, but you just can’t afford it.


You can. You are just going to have to be a bit more resourceful at it. Sure, maybe you can’t hire a full time coach to be there every time you pick up the phone. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay stuck where you are. There are many many other options that don’t pinch your pocket like a one on one coach can.

If you are serious about improving your outlook and experience of life, then you can find my free resources and the free resources many of my fellow healers/coaches have available to you.

If you are constantly saying, “I would but I can’t afford it” and not taking advantage of the free or low cost resources then your financial resources is not the factor. Your motivation is.

Self-development is the most natural thing in the world. In fact, it is what we were put in this world to do!! That doesn’t mean that its easy, though. Truthfully, societal conditioning makes what should be simple, only that much more complicated. In fact, its been working against you this whole time.

But I digress.

As a woman who worked on her self-development when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together, I make it a point to offer valuable resources for low to no cost. I offer these tools as an opportunity to get to your goal of fulfillment regardless of finances.

So, in the spirit of that….

I offer a Universal Energy Healing Meditation in this link Please feel free to browse the other videos for your betterment.

I love you,


Day 4 Self-Promotion/Self-Reveal

23484467_10214785715261174_1642806882_oI had this almost fully written, when this bug I’ve been fighting for 2 weeks now, got a second wind. Plus a trip back to Indiana and my 5 days of shameless self-promotion had to be put on pause. So, here’s day 4’s share!

Today’s story to reveal the gifts I have to offer is one of the most significant ones I have. My very best friend wanted more than anything to have a child but was having trouble conceiving. After trying unsuccessfully, she and her husband turned to fertility treatments.

The fertility treatments weren’t quite working as hoped and after an ultrasound showed her ovaries ‘behind schedule’ in their growth, we scheduled a healing session. While the session was focused on the infertility other things showed up as needing energy. Because energy goes where it is needed, one never questions what shows up…you just attend to it.

When we got to her abdomen the energy was flowing strongly over her ovaries. She described the sensation as feeling like ‘popcorn’ in her uterus, which is congruent with what I experienced. The energy was strong and really enthusiastic.

The next week she had another ultrasound done and her ovaries were right on schedule! Not long after the session she conceived and was expecting her first child.

Healing does not have to be exclusively alternative or traditional methods, they can make a beautiful complementary couple. In fact, alternative healthcare is often called complementary medicine.

That said, I wasn’t finished with that family.

At 25 weeks their daughter was born 1 pound 15 ounces, 13 inches. She had grade 3 brain bleeds on both sides of her brain and was in the hospital for 75 days. I made several trips to the hospital to support my friend and to provide energetic assistance to the baby’s healing and wellbeing.

The brain bleeds resolved rather quickly and now 16 years later there are no cognitive or motor skill deficits.

I can never say what results will come from energy healing. I never make promises as to what kind of healing one will get. So much of it depends on the patient and their ability to embrace being well.

The idea of ‘welling’ rather than ‘healing’ is a simple mental shift that embraces a well body, rather than focusing on healing an illness. Does that make sense? That energy pointed towards eradicating a disease or disorder is pointed towards the unwanted. If its wellness we want, its wellness we must point our energy towards.

I love you. I really do.


Beautiful – It’s Not What You Think

IMG_20170904_104700I love to do a good face mask. My favorite is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask made from Calcium Bentonite Clay. I love it because I feel like it actually digs deep down and pulls stuff out of my pores and afterwards my skin glows. I find it an analogy for so many things. Digging the crap out of your internal psychoemotional pores and sloughing off the dead surface layer to allow the deeper radiance to shine through.

Its also an analogy for something else. As I endeavor to do more videos, I am more aware of my appearance and notice myself weighing this feature against another when setting things up. I often opt out of doing a video because I don’t feel like showering and putting on make up. As I looked into the mirror while putting on the mask and cherishing this moment of indulgence, it hit me.

Not all moments of beauty are beautiful.

To prove it, I took this picture. (This face never fails to make my hubby laugh.) Aside from that though it caused me to think about other non-beautiful moments of beauty. Pictures like that fireman carrying the child on 9/11, or childbirth, or a mother’s face just after giving birth as she holds her newborn all sweaty and fatigued.

But there are many many MANY more non-beautiful moments of beauty that we can’t take pictures of and might not even recognize as such. Moments of ferreting out those thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns that don’t serve our spiritual destiny. Ugly stuff. It feels uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes seemingly painful, but in the end the beauty it creates in our lives is limitless. Without these non-beautiful moments of beauty we could not explore our true beauty.

Right now, I guarantee there are non-beautiful moments going on right now in your life that you can’t embrace for their hidden beauty. I know I have a shit-ton of them right now and I was completely overlooking them.

As a Intuitive Spiritual Transformation Facilitator I fall into the trap often of thinking I need to present a ‘perfect package’, like so many others do, to prove I’ve ‘made it’ and therefore worthy of getting paid to walk with others on their journey. Pfft, as if there were a landing space called ‘success’ in life! There are no landing places. This is a journey and there are hills, valleys, mountains, curves and steep grades, but no landing places. We stop to catch our breath then we keep moving. The only landing place is the present moment we are in. In each present moment there are gifts…some are beauties and some are uglies.

Instead of hiding mine, I’m going to share and I hope you will too. Getting the uglies out into the daylight can help us see their hidden beauty. Here we go…

These are the Uglies I can get caught up in: My husband had a brainstem stroke in January of this year. He is the bread winner of the family currently as I struggle to get my business going. My daughter has been in a dark place since her father died a year ago. I’m in court fighting his deathbed widow over my own retirement funds. As a result of a kylego I created, envisioned and organized an amazing two day transformational retreat/workshop. Despite my excitement and  forward feeling of achievement not one person has registered. My husband is in construction and we got stiffed just under $7,000 on a tiling job this month. Subsequently, our mortgage automatic payment bounced. I broke a tooth about a month ago and made arrangements to pay half at the first visit and half at the second visit to get it fixed. Because of being stiffed we didn’t have the resources to go back for the second visit.

Now here are the beauties that have shown up as a result: My husband’s recovery has been amazing. With a combination of mindset work and energy healing work he was the shortest stay in the rehab unit they have ever had. He went back to work the Monday after he was released, with caution. He was back to driving within months. The lasting effects are minimal and isolated mostly to short term memory loss and expressive communication. My daughter has moved back home to heal from her loss and has turned a corner in the darkness that grief can be. I just won an important appeal in my court case. Although right now no one else will experience my amazing retreat I have done some really phenomenal work creating interactive, reflective and transformative individual, paired and group exercises all ready and waiting to go for future retreats/workshops and client work. The best part is that I got to do that creating. The only thing I love more than creating transformative experiences is facilitating them for people. Despite getting stiffed on $7,000 worth of work, we kept the lights on. We didn’t miss the mortgage payment, because although the one contractor failed to pay, my hubby had secured another job. It was enough to cover that mortgage payment (the deposit was made hours after the automatic payment was kicked) as well as some other necessities.  My temporary crown is holding nicely and we shall soon have enough money for me to go back for the permanent one because work is lined up.

I can even go back further to three years ago when I quit my 28 year career to move across two states where we bought a house with no money and no credit; and when I had fibromyalgia and was living with an average daily pain of 7-8, to now when my average daily experience is a pain level 1 with no meds.

I could go back even further because at 53 I’ve come a long long way baby…but I won’t. 🙂

The point is we have a tendency at times to define our journeys by the distance we have yet to go, and by lamenting things that don’t show up the way we think they need to and thus overlooking the multitude of ways we manifest abundance and miracles. When you are stuck in “what am I doing wrong that I can’t manifest what I want” remember your ‘success’ is about the distance travelled not the distance yet to go…

*Please share your ‘uglies’ either in words or pictures below! Let’s all be real and share our non-beautiful moments of beauty with each other!

Is This You Or Someone You Know?

Does anyone ever feel like they’re just not meant for this life? I know how blessed I am. I live in a developed country, I have a family, friends, a house, animals who I adore and a job. Everything people who are less fortunate would die for. But I’m still not happy. I feel so forced. I just want to be running wild and free, a natural woman, with animals and living off the land. I don’t want the troubles of money, the social media, the modern life. Is that really even natural for humans? Is anyone really comfortable living like this or is it just something we have to accept because everyone else does. My head hurts because it just can’t cope with what society wants from me  ☹️” ~Woman A
“Im with you! Feels so pointless and empty at times. On my good days [I’m trying to] work towards a more fulfilling life but am not really sure how to get there or if its worth it etc etc. Its is society not us thats wrong, take each day as it comes is all you can do. Stay strong we will get there…x Woman B in response to woman A
“Can I ask for guidance again? My mother wasn’t the warmest individual growing up. She’s someone multiple therapists have told me to cut out of my life, even if it’s just until I’m stronger. I’ve gone through much of my adult life in an off and on relationship with her because of her controlling nature. When I was a child I was often compared to other children and asked why I can’t be like someone else’s kid or why their kid, who’s “slow” (her words, not mine) would be doing better than me. I was locked in closets, kicked out of the house at night, told she wished I wasn’t hers, which didn’t end until 7th grade…”~Woman C

Is this you or someone you know? This is just a sampling of what I’ve been hearing lately. We as woman have suffered under patriarchy. That is not a feminist or anti-masculine thing. We can only survive in a balanced society and this is NOT that!

This feeling, THIS longing, THIS UNSETTLING is why the Healing Rite of Passage was created. Men and woman are invited to join in the Feminine Rising that this will be. Its not male bashing and it isn’t ‘woman stuff’ it is just a connecting to the feminine yin energies that have been ignored for centuries now. We need to connect to Mother Earth AND Father Sky. To Grandmother Moon AND Grandfather Sun. We can ONLY be our highest selves, live the highest version of our lives and have the grandest experiences when we are balanced in masculine and feminine energies.

We HAVE to heal the wounds of the past that keep harming us. You don’t know how to ‘get there’ because no one taught you to look inside yourself. And you can’t do it with the eyes that society has taught you to look through. It has set you up to fail.

There is SO much you can do to get so much more out of life! I can help you unlearn everything you’ve learned that is actually getting in your way. You have to go deeper than just meditating and gratitude journalling. You have to unravel all the manipulative programming EGOS set in play. You have learn the truth about how the Universe works by understanding and working WITH (not against) the three Universal Laws and their seven principles.

Universal Laws

Take a step today and reserve your spot or contact Jade Willow Song for more information, right now!

When: September 16 & 17, 2017
Where: Waterford, Michigan
Early Bird Registration: $500*
Registration after September 1, 2017: $675*

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Healing Rite of Passage Retreat/Workshop

58957_1451367004156_1754294_n“I ate once. It didn’t work. I was hungry again in a couple of hours.” 

You never hear anyone saying that, do you? But ask about meditation, or yoga or journalling and that is a very common answer. 

Body, Mind and Spirit…that’s what we are. We are a carefully constructed mechanism made up of these three compartments. Without any one of these we cease to exist. 

REALLY. Think about that for a minute. 

It is pretty clear when your body is hungry for food or thirsty for water. You then have the choice of what to provide; healthy food and pure water or junk food and pop. You feed it and then what? You have to do it again a couple hours later. 

Your body also hungers for air and that is one you cannot ignore at all. Again, it is a constant give and take, not a one and done deal.

Your body also hungers for movement, but that’s subtle and easier to ignore than the need for food or water. Those into physical fitness know that regular exercise is necessary for a healthy body…none of them ever expect one workout to be enough. When you ignore the need for movement, you start experiencing more symptoms of aging and physical breakdown. 

Do you see where I’m going with this, yet?

Your mind also has needs. It hungers for new information to process, good books to read, interesting studies and, of course, fulfilling work. It isn’t enough for you to just intake new goodness, but its important to share as well with others in good conversations, social settings and a job that allows you to teach or share something. 

When you try to ignore this aspect of yourself, it looks like addiction: binge watching TV, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, sex, smoking, shopping, etc…

Your spirit also has needs. Your spirit is the energetic body and it hungers for connection and love. It is the part of you that makes you, ‘You’. It is by far the ‘easiest’ to ignore but with the most detrimental of consequences.

When you ignore this aspect of yourself it shows up as depression, anxiety, idiopathic chronic dis-ease, drug abuse, alcoholism, cancer, etc…

Notice with the body and mind that there are things we do DAILY to nourish and replenish them: exercise, hygiene, sleep, food, water, work, entertainment, even education.

But, for some, spirit is expected to exist on merely one hour, one day a week of nourishment! 

There is no doubt that the body is more fragile than the mind or the spirit, which is why there are such clear cues as to when it needs to be fed, watered or aired. Yet, still a person whose spirit is considerably neglected will develop things like anorexia or suicidal ideation which is counter intuitive (and overrides the desire) for physical survival. 

Ok so now, over the course of your life, how much time has been dedicated to the care and feeding of your spirit compared to your body and mind? 

Get a calendar, I’ll wait…

We both know over the course of your life you have neglected your spirit far more than you have neglected your mind and your body, right?

Not saying you haven’t neglected them too, but by and large most people neglect their spirit most of all. 

As I said, the spirit is the energetic body of the body/mind/spirit combo, therefore whatever happens to the body and mind affects the spirit and vice verse. When we experience trauma, grief, or other emotional pain we experience it in all three aspects, but again it is usually just the body and mind that get the attention for healing. This means that there are all kinds of leftovers in our spirit refrigerator that need clearing out. 

Again, this is not a one and done thing. Even when we think we’ve processed effectively, every time we think about the event and it brings up emotions in response we are re-experiencing the event and therefore causing more harm that needs to be healed. We are calling back the energy of that event and storing it in our energetic body.

This is why The Healing Rite of Passage Retreat/Workshop promises to be one of the most important things you will ever do for your body, mind AND spirit. 

  • You will learn how to access your energetic body and clear out blockages and heal wounds. 
  • You will learn new communication techniques that allow you to speak from your spirit and not your ego. 
  • You will develop new relationships with like-minded journeyers. 
  • You will have the experience of living from your spirit for two days. 
  • You will experience shamanic healing.
  • You will experience facilitating healing for others.
  • You will experience a lightness of body, mind and spirit as you release what no longer serves you. 
  • …and so so SO much more.

And after the closing ceremony your life will never be the same (unless you choose it to be so).

A rite of passage, by definition, is a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life. If you are ready for the past to be the past, to release old relationships and wounds, or just take the opportunity to give your spirit the intensive care it needs, then you need to reserve your spot in our Transformation Circle today. 

When: September 16 & 17, 2017
Where: Waterford, Michigan
Early Bird Registration: $500
Registration after September 1, 2017: $675

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