Day 4 Self-Promotion/Self-Reveal

23484467_10214785715261174_1642806882_oI had this almost fully written, when this bug I’ve been fighting for 2 weeks now, got a second wind. Plus a trip back to Indiana and my 5 days of shameless self-promotion had to be put on pause. So, here’s day 4’s share!

Today’s story to reveal the gifts I have to offer is one of the most significant ones I have. My very best friend wanted more than anything to have a child but was having trouble conceiving. After trying unsuccessfully, she and her husband turned to fertility treatments.

The fertility treatments weren’t quite working as hoped and after an ultrasound showed her ovaries ‘behind schedule’ in their growth, we scheduled a healing session. While the session was focused on the infertility other things showed up as needing energy. Because energy goes where it is needed, one never questions what shows up…you just attend to it.

When we got to her abdomen the energy was flowing strongly over her ovaries. She described the sensation as feeling like ‘popcorn’ in her uterus, which is congruent with what I experienced. The energy was strong and really enthusiastic.

The next week she had another ultrasound done and her ovaries were right on schedule! Not long after the session she conceived and was expecting her first child.

Healing does not have to be exclusively alternative or traditional methods, they can make a beautiful complementary couple. In fact, alternative healthcare is often called complementary medicine.

That said, I wasn’t finished with that family.

At 25 weeks their daughter was born 1 pound 15 ounces, 13 inches. She had grade 3 brain bleeds on both sides of her brain and was in the hospital for 75 days. I made several trips to the hospital to support my friend and to provide energetic assistance to the baby’s healing and wellbeing.

The brain bleeds resolved rather quickly and now 16 years later there are no cognitive or motor skill deficits.

I can never say what results will come from energy healing. I never make promises as to what kind of healing one will get. So much of it depends on the patient and their ability to embrace being well.

The idea of ‘welling’ rather than ‘healing’ is a simple mental shift that embraces a well body, rather than focusing on healing an illness. Does that make sense? That energy pointed towards eradicating a disease or disorder is pointed towards the unwanted. If its wellness we want, its wellness we must point our energy towards.

I love you. I really do.


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