Fear And Why You Can’t Ignore It


I had a dream last night that was more enlightening than maybe any dream I’ve ever had.

My family and I moved into a new dwelling place and kept discovering things already in place as if left behind by the previous owners. Some of those things that kept showing up in the dream were a fold up bed that required a code to open, a code that I didn’t have and everyone kept asking me for as if it were necessary for many reasons.

There were also caged animals; a rabbit and a monkey for instance, and many other cages that I was too afraid to look into. The rabbit I was fine with, but the monkey scared me. I acknowledged the rabbit and it only showed up once more later with the monkey, but I ignored the monkey and it kept reappearing bigger each time. Then it was able to get out of its cage willingly. This scared me more, but I continued to ignore it with ‘positive thinking’. I kept thinking, “I’m not afraid. If I don’t give it attention, it can’t hurt me.”

My mother was there too and I told her about the monkey, but she couldn’t see it. As I was trying to point the monkey out to her in the cage with the rabbit, the monkey got out.

Then an exotic cat (a dark colored small lynx or bobcat) with razor claws and big teeth came and the monkey and cat were playing/fighting. Just then my baby came running in and landed on the pair, at which point the cat turned its attention on the baby, grabbed it with its claws and sank its teeth into the baby’s head. I saw the light go out of the baby’s eyes. I tried to free the baby, but the claws were like razors cutting my hands.

Disturbing down to my bones, upon waking, but my soul easily recognized the baby as my own innocence and purity. My Spirit. My Light. My Joy. All of which lately I have been feeling slip away.

Lying in bed, trying to analyze the dream rather than just move on with my day, I realized that my dream was telling me that I was allowing fear to kill my spirit. The rabbit (the first animal to present) is a representation of fear. I acknowledged it and moved on. It never came to do me harm. The monkey, also in a cage (thus establishing it as regarding fear) scared me and I avoided it.

When I first looked up monkey’s message this ever-changing message (ever-changing means that every time I clicked on the page the quote was different) was found

“You have an amazing ability to move through life in a fluid and poetic fashion, whether or not you are aware of it – just don’t get stuck in old habits and routines.”

Followed by this,

“Perhaps you have forgotten that playfulness and entertainment are good for the soul. These animals have a strong capacity for compassion, understanding and bonding. These are all part of our human social make up as well and they serve to remind us that our journey on this planet is not a solitary one. When it comes to solving problems this creature knows how to use their own ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve problems.”

I have indeed gotten stuck in old habits and routines. I established them over the past three years to accommodate my physical needs as I worked on healing my fibromyalgia and other health concerns created by living a life that was sucking my soul dry. The very last (or what I believe is the last of the problems) is being resolved now with acupuncture treatments I began about two months ago. Since then all sorts of things have been stirring up in me. Old things being released that my body literally held onto and stored as phlegm! I took a great deal of time (three years) to devote to my own healing, while still maintaining the practice of holding space for others on a small scale. I had forgotten my ability to ‘move through life in a fluid and poetic fashion’. What I realized I needed and wanted lately are more connections: more friends, more clients and more meaningful activity. As a natural introvert, it has been my biggest challenge, by far. The Monkey affirms that I need to overcome my fear of connecting in person after such a long sabbatical.

When I look up Lynx medicine I find this

“To be confronted by the powerful medicine of Lynx signifies that you do not know something about yourself. Lynx is the keeper of the secrets of lost magical systems and occult knowledge. Lynx has the ability to move through time an space, and to go into the Great Silence for unraveling any mystery. Lynx is not the guardian of secrets, but the knower of secrets.

Lynx medicine is a very specific type of clairvoyance. If this medicine is strong in you, you will get mental pictures concerning other people and the exact things they have hidden, either from themselves or from others. You will see their fears, their lies, and the self-deceptions. You will also know where they have hidden the treasures, if there is any. You never speak of these revelations – you simply know.

If you have pulled the Lynx card, you can be sure that “secrets” are afloat in your life at this time. If this is your personal medicine, you should listen to your higher self. Be still and pay attention to the revelations you receive either in the form of mental pictures or through a high singing voice in your ear. Perhaps you will receive information in the form of omens. You can be sure that Mother Earth is signaling you in some manner. If Lynx is at your door, listen. Brother or Sister Lynx can teach you of your personal power and of things you have forgotten about yourself. Lynx can lead you to lost treasures and connect you to forgotten brotherhoods of sisterhoods.”

This is new. During readings for people, whether with the cards or simple coaching type sessions I have been seeing ‘pictures’ more clearly than ever before. Not always understanding them to interpret but having a ‘knowing’ that I cannot express. In fact, one of the first times, this appeared (talk about hiding things from oneself) I could see how a person did not have healthy boundaries in place. She assured me she does. Thankfully she went on to expand and I was able to point out that what she describes was a reaction, a ‘last straw’ not a ‘healthy boundary’ and I was able to share with her what healthy boundaries in that situation would look like. (This is the pitfall of doing ‘readings’, by the way, some people present ‘closed’ so to ‘not give anything away’ to ‘prove’ the skill of the psychic. Thankfully this person is also a reader and knows to be more open for the greatest value. This is also why I prefer the term intuitive rather than psychic.)

In addition, the need for ‘brotherhoods and sisterhoods’ are exactly what has driven me to bring my online work into a real face to face experience in the Healing Rite of Passage Me-treat and Workshop. My vision is not just of women, but men too, learning to connect to each other in deep spiritual ways, sharing our deepest selves with each other, forming said brother/sisterhood (discount to anyone who comes up with the winning collective label for that!)

For so long we have been governed by a patriarchal society and then there was much focus on celebrating the Divine Feminine. This swing was necessary, but still polar in its operation. There was no place for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine to co-exist, thus we have created beautiful strong women and no equal masculine matches for them. I believe that through retreats/workshops like mine we can create that balance.

But I digress from the message of the dream...

Fear. Everyone has it. Even those of us who put ourselves out there on a daily basis to teach others to overcome it. It isn’t a sign of weakness or failure, it is merely a Contrast to provide an experience which is ultimately a message from our Highest Selves.

Fear is not to be feared, as my dream reveals. Fear is to be acknowledged. “Oh, there you are…the marker of the furthest point I have gone out of my comfort zone before this moment. The marker of my next frontier. The guiding light into the darkness. The edge of all I’ve ever known. Good. I’m growing.” Do not judge yourself for it. Do not tell yourself “I should be over this by now.” These things make the ‘monkey in the cage’ bigger and more of a threat. Remember, this is a journey, there are no landing places. Meaning we don’t achieve something and have it be done, there are always layers upon layers of discovery.

The other message is we can’t ignore our gifts out of fear either (Lynx) because that will surely kill our Spirit. We aren’t here to ignore our contrasts or our gifts. We are here to explore them and use them to help our brother/sisterhood, or rather what I will call our spirithood (if you come up with something better I will grant you a free admission into the retreat when you buy your ticket, so you can bring a friend for free.)

Growing our lights, reducing the blocks we have is the way we change the world experience. We do this when we reach out and connect to others. We do this when we reach back when others have reached out to us. We do this when we embrace another for their differences and support them financially, emotionally, spiritually, verbally, energetically. We do this when we see we are not in competition but in complement to one another. My pain is not greater/lesser than your pain. My success is not greater/lesser than your success. My story is not worse or better than your story. My failure is not greater/lesser than yours.

Our lights shine brightest when they shine together…

~Yours always, Jade

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