Self-Promoting Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

I haven’t done a study on this, but I’m guessing that if you talk to any spiritual entrepreneur they will tell you that self-promotion is or was a hurdle for them.

Why? Why is it SO hard for us to talk ourselves up? There are probably as many reasons as there are spiritual entrepreneurs. I myself, can name several. There is the ‘it doesn’t count unless someone else says it’ factor. The programming installed by my mother, who said that saying something nice about yourself was bragging which is a sin, paired with the “nothing good was true about you unless someone else said it.”

Then there is the worthiness factor, which I know is common amongst us, ‘I am not worth being paid’. Then there is what I call the ‘holiness factor’, attached to the ‘vow of poverty’ associated with spiritual servants (which is a crock of poo), that people should do spiritual work out of the kindness of their hearts. Then there is the ‘self-promotion is egoistic’ factor, ah….that’s today’s demon. How to tell others that I am confident in the services I provide without sounding like a) a used car salesman, or b) a vulture.

So I sat in meditation about it and communed with Spirit. What I got was eye-opening and I got homework! Spirit never ever fails me. When I need to find an answer it is always there. ALWAYS. Here is what they said, and I quote…

“Ok so you don’t like shameless self-promotion? Do what you resist! Your task is 5 shameless days of self-promotion 5x a day. Do that and find your groove. Others feel sleazy because they may be sleazy. But they are the shadow of that which you desire. So do the challenge and find what’s on the other side of the shadow.” 

OMG! There is SO much wisdom in here! YES there are sleazy self-promoters, but by the law of duality if there is sleazy there is not-at-all-sleazy somewhere, why haven’t I embraced that? Yes, they are the shadow which means something had to cast that shadow, right? How did that evade me? So by jumping in and DOING it instead of resisting it, I can find the not-at-all-sleazy part. I can find that which is casting the shadow!

So, what that means for you all is that you will see me five times a day, for the next five days, promoting myself in all sorts of ways. Feel free to offer feedback, I’m open to that! I’m going to be looking for my groove. What feels authentic and comfortable (and not the ‘oh I’m hiding’ kind of comfortable) for me.

So, this is one ( maybe five if I post it several different places!) What I outlined here, communing with Spirit, is one way I help others as well. Its easy for me to connect with Spirit to get answers I couldn’t otherwise find. I can do it for others as easily as I do it for myself (this is why I do not have a preordained format for working with clients). Best of all I can walk others through learning how to get comfortable doing it for themselves. My whole philosophy is not so much to HEAL YOU but to show you where YOUR HEALING POWER lies!!

I love you.


P.S. If self-promotion is a challenge for you too, feel free to grab this challenge for yourself! Tag me in it…I’d love to follow your journey!!

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