When Gifts Aren’t Appreciated

Have you heard the term “Indian Giver”?

Walk with me on this. To use this term is racist…know that.

However, I want to explain where it came from, as I learned from Jamie Sims, in Sacred Medicine Path Cards.

Everything on Earth has a purpose; individuals, people, places, buildings, items etc. Native Americans believe that every person, place and thing needs to live out its purpose. When a gift is given, it is with the intent that it be of benefit to the receiver by fulfilling its purpose. When a receiver accepts the gift and does not allow the item to fulfill its purpose (ie: by throwing it in a drawer or on a shelf, never to be used/enjoyed) then the giver is empowered to take the gift back and either use it or pass it on to another who will.

The first time a Native American did this ages ago, it was misunderstood and hence the stigma of “Indian Giver”. Actually, as you can see, the stigma belongs with the one who did not truly appreciate the gift and allow it to fulfill its purpose.

I have never really given this concept much thought before recently. Over the years I have given many services/products for free or at greatly discounted prices only to have the recipients not take it seriously and give it a best effort or worse leave it unused.

That’s on me.

In my own recent healing session with Spirit, I could see it as a small replay of my childhood where I gave of myself to those who could not appreciate me. See the pattern, there?

So, now I’m understanding more the notion of retrieving a gift you’ve given, and that’s what I intend to do. It will be easy for e-courses that are left untouched, I simply remove access. The receiver may never know I’ve revoked privileges, but that’s ok. This is about MY retracting my energy, not about them giving it back, so they don’t have to even know.

For those who have received energy work or one on one coaching and didn’t fully utilize it to their full potential, I have to remember that everyone has choices. I chose to discount – DIS-COUNT – it. Do you see that? I discounted it’s value, so why wouldn’t my client? Is it any wonder?! And they fully had the right to choose not to take advantage of the opportunity!

But I digress.

Those who I have done energy work with who did not value it, received a great gift that I cannot retrieve, however I can recall my energy attached to it. There is a QiGong protocol that I designed just for that purpose (it can help you as well)! And going forward I will make sure to give of myself only to clients (and others) who can appreciate what I have to offer.

Now, your stance might be to suggest that it shouldn’t matter to me what people do with my products or services…and you could be right. But I remind you of the beginning of this piece…

Everything has a purpose.

When my e-courses are sitting in the queue untouched, when my energy work is not embraced for the opportunity it is or when people negate the benefits of the one on one strategies I am not fulfilling my purpose.

And I very selfishly need to do that. I need to be of service. I. Need. To. Be. Of. Service. Every time. Not just on occasion or once in awhile. I want every client I have to be my most important client…and they are.

If you are searching for your purpose, let me hold space for you. If you are searching for a way to heal yourself of old trauma, let me hold space for you. If you have feelings of anxiety or depression, let me hold space for you. I guarantee that if you put in the work, you’ll find everything you are looking for. I promise you will be better off for it.

I love you.



Jade’s work is different and we think you will find it effective and economic. It combines Jade’s knowledge and skills cultivated over three decades of psychiatry, human services, hospice, geriatrics, crystal healing, QiGong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch with her natural Spirit given gifts of intuition and being an empath.

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