Don’t Wait To Start

Today is my Round 1 Day 27 of my Whole 60 protocol. 
Friday was my birthday. Before actually starting W30 I had thought about waiting until after my birthday to start so I could celebrate without restriction. But I couldn’t wait to get started.
Turns out it was the greatest gift I could’ve given to myself.
Because I didn’t wait, today (belated birthday dinner) when I look in the mirror I don’t see the puffiness in my face and especially around the eyes.
Because I didn’t wait, today my husband said I looked like I’ve lost weight.
Because I didn’t wait, I’m in 27 days of 60.
Because I didn’t wait, (warning TMI) my undies don’t roll under my belly fat anymore.
Because I didn’t wait, I learned eggs have caused most of my inflammation because most of my results have come after I gave them up a week ago.
Because I didn’t wait, I’ve had three pain free days and 48 drug free hours.
Because I didn’t wait, I feel better in my body.
Because I didn’t wait, my husband said, “You feel better. I can’t explain it, but you do.”
Don’t wait. Not one more day.
I love you.

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