Anxiety Or Excitement????

Did you know the brain does not distinguish the difference between feelings of anxiety and excitement?

That feeling in the ‘pit of your stomach’ is a nondescript happening, that your brain interprets and labels. If you are prone to worry then you will label that ‘anxiety’, if you are prone to positive thinking then you will interpret that feeling as excitement! Or put another way if you are projecting negative outcomes you will, of course, be feeling anxiety, but if you are projecting positive outcomes you will be feeling excitement!

Watch this video for more!

Exploring the difference between anxiety and excitement video

2 responses to “Anxiety Or Excitement????”

  1. Cristian Mihai Avatar
    Cristian Mihai

    Great post! Great video!

    And we can reframe that feeling any way we want. It depends on us.


    1. YES YES YES YES YESS!! We are in control and are SOOOOOOO magical!!!


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