The Vibrational Challenge

Abraham Hicks - vibrationOh this is a hard pill to swallow sometimes!!

The understanding that whatever we experience in life is a reflection of a vibration we hold is definitely a hard pill to swallow. That’s because we are under the misconception that we raise our vibration to a certain level across the board. The truth is we don’t hold just one vibration…well, we do in summary, but that overall vibration is made up of individual vibrations you hold in your body that are related to everything you think/believe. Just like we might achieve unconditional love for our child, but we cannot find that same condition-less love for that annoying neighbor.

So when something low vibration happens in our life we wonder ‘what did I do to deserve this’?

We search ourselves for the cause, the fault, the blame – the low vibration. And it can be humbling if we’ve been working on raising our vibration. It can seem as if we’ve slid backwards or done something wrong.

When something low vibrational happens we can’t imagine this is something we could conjure. We can’t imagine we have that low of a vibration within us! After all we’ve been working so hard on our vibrational growth.

This is when we need to put down our spiritual pride and listen to the message presented.

Don’t judge it for its surface. Do not look at it like ‘What in me is causing this?’ but rather ‘What in me is this speaking to?’

Look at it like Spiritual Fitness Boot Camp. In Fitness Boot Camp the hardest exercises for us are the ones that target our weakest muscles. Those are the exercises we resist the most. The ones that take more effort and that challenge us the most. The whole purpose is to transform weakness into strength.

As within, so without. The inside world mirrors the outside world – and vice verse. Its ingenious really. The Laws of the Universe are the same for all of life and so hints and tips are around us all the time in nature. We can learn how to navigate the course of life by looking at the systems already in place in nature; how our bodies work, how water flows, how air fills its container etc.. all serve as examples and guidance on our journey.

What works on our physical bodies works on our spiritual bodies and vice verse. Which explains how the vibrations of our beliefs affect our physical body.

And if our vibrations affect our bodies they certainly affect the events of our lives. Our vibrations draw in like-frequency events, just like it creates illness or wellness. What we wish to do with that is up to us. We can either use it to grow or we can use it to wallow.

It can be confusing, because expansion is not linear. We can experience great highs and then experience great lows and wonder how this could be if we’ve been doing our work. 

For instance, we can manifest a great love, by overcoming all our limiting beliefs around ourselves in love. We can manifest a love for all the ages. We overcome all the limiting beliefs that had kept us dating the same low vibration being over and over and poof we manifest the greatest love of our lives.

Following that then perhaps we find ourselves in a challenging circumstance in a completely different area of our life. We wonder how we can manifest something so spectacular as this great love and then this catastrophe. Some label this ‘the other shoe dropping’ but that not correct. That catastrophe would be reflective of a different low vibration – a different limiting belief.

Perhaps you have a limiting belief regarding standing up for yourself, in which case then you might manifest a bully. And since you have manifested something so high as this great love, then this bully you manifest will also be one for the ages, because YOU, your highest you, needs you to raise this lowest vibration up just as high.

Does that make sense?

Our souls are never satisfied with less than our highest, so as we raise our vibrations higher we will be challenged to raise them ever higher because we are limitless. 

If that isn’t confusing enough, ‘catastrophes’ can also arise after we’ve raised our vibration in order to vibrate out of our lives that which we’ve risen above. Relationships, situations, jobs or even material possessions can only remain when in a like-frequency environment.

Once we’ve upped our vibration, anything created in that lower vibration will no longer be comfortable in the midst of the new higher vibration and will vibrate its way on out. Think of how a phone vibrates across a table. That is how that which no longer serves you vibrates out of your life when you raise your vibration.

Challenges – we all have them. What might be a challenge for us, might not be a challenge for another and likewise their challenges might not be a challenge for us. Judging our challenges or the challenges of another is not the way through them. It is most important that we remember to take a look at what part of us needs this challenge and rise up to it.

If you need any help with that, you know where to find me!!

I love you!


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  1. What can I say – you are brilliant! I LOVE your way with words and how you string them together to paint a clear picture. This is an amazing and insightful essay. Thank you!

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