Shortcuts, Direct Routes and Detours

UGH!! This quick-fix, magic-pill, jump-start, turbo-boost mindset is destroying the very essence of life. Every single aspect of this world seems to have it’s own shortcuts.

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Wanna lose weight? There’s a pill, formula, diet, supplement, surgery for that.

Wanna grow your business? There’s a program, Master Mind, secret tip, marketing plan, advertising ploy for that.

Wanna get rich? There’s an MLM, real estate flip, investment for that.

Wanna get an erection? There’s a million pills for that.

I. Can’t. Even.

There’s no shortcuts to your highest best life. There’s no shortcut to being a great partner, parent or person, for that matter. Why? Because of the unwritten Universal Law that your results are directly related to the energy you put in. Plain and simple. You get out what you put in. You put in short cuts, you get short results. This is why the weight loss industry is worth $66 Billion. And why, at least this country, is still overweight.

Finding what works for you, no matter what the situation, is a game of trial and error. Some people do fine being vegan, but others suffer on a diet like that. And I mean ‘suffer’, like their body doesn’t operate correctly. Others work best eating meats and fats and very little veggies. While we all have similarities, we are all quite unique. You gain specific information about yourself with each new trial.

The longest lasting results are the ones that come from digging deep and getting your hands dirty. In my line of work -spiritual healer- there are plenty of ‘short cuts’ people use. I have come across many clients who have a long history of paying for ‘immediate results’ type healing and yet they are minimally better off than they were. Why? Because no one can do the work for you. That’s the part no one seems to be paying attention to. And its true in every other line of thought…weight loss, your business, your money, your sex. The solution lies within you. You can’t short cut that or you’ll short circuit it.

I personally do not want to lose weight only to gain it back (and maybe more). I don’t want to make money, only to have it stop flowing in after the initial surge. I don’t want to have business success followed by business fail. And I’ll leave the erection one alone for now…

What I want is to make changes that are life changing and last a lifetime. I want to know the why behind a what. This is the only way to effect true change. No one wants that. No one wants to do the work. The easy way that’s sexy. That’s what sells. But that’s isn’t what is most effective. How did we get to the point where expedience overrides efficacy? Where the illusion of something is equal to or greater than the reality of something?

Oh my. That’s good.

When did we become a people who valued illusions over reality? If I look at the history of advertising, I’d say its been quite some time. Illusions sell products. So who’s selling reality?

The healers. They provide in many different professions, and they are the ones selling reality, but they are also the ones not making the sales. And even some of the short-cutters have edged their way into the healing field, promising results in one session. Which, you will get results in one session but you are the one who must maintain it. They always leave that part out.

This begs the question…

Is anyone really interested in self-improvement or is this an outdated past-time? A fled trend? Are we far too down the quick fix past to ever want genuine healing at all? 

Or have we come full circle and ready to finally give ourselves the time, attention and quality that we need?

I love you. 


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