Illness Is Your Soul’s Dis-Ease

don't compare memeIn 2009 I packed my, then 16 year old, daughter and moved out of my 20 year marriage. We moved in with a friend of mine, which did not turn out to be a healthy choice, and we moved yet again, 9 months later. After three years of separation, the divorce was finalized in January of 2012. 

In November of 2012, just six months into a new relationship, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At its best it was unbearable, at its worst it was debilitating. I was working a 40 hour week as a social worker in a social service agency. A career I had been very very good at for 28 years. Some even said I was born to do it.  

Just like the marriage, the job/career no longer served me. They were both killing me.

I had ‘done everything right’, but it all ‘went wrong’. I tried to follow the standards that society set up for me: Go to college, establish yourself in a long-term career, get married/stay married, raise babies, secure a retirement fund and when you retire you can do all the things you dreamed.

In other words, be safe.

In June of 2013 my beloved and I took a three day vacation. It was 8 months after being diagnosed and I hadn’t had a day free of pain since before the diagnosis. We went deep into nature, a state park steeped in Native American history, lush with trees and running water. I was absolutely pain free for those three days. No electronics. No work. Hiking, eating, walking and napping.

Pain free.

That was my first clue that my illness was not physical at all, but spiritual.

A year later I quit my job, retired from social work and moved across two states to live with my beloved in a new area with lots of trees and water. That was three years ago. 

I KNOW now my dis-order was my soul growling, shedding, cracking and splitting up to the surface through the depths of illusion and facade that my ego (earth generated operating-system) had created. My soul was trying to reveal itself and my resistance to it was causing me pain. My life was literally making me sick.

In the three years since, I’ve published my first book, Strongest In Our Broken Places, married my beloved, stepped onto my path as a transformation facilitator and and am fully embracing my calling as a mentor, guide, companion, intuitive, healer, author, transformation workshop leader and medicine woman.  

Three years after beginning to live from my soul, I manage my physical condition without any pharmaceuticals. I tried them early on, but they made me feel so gross. I’ve travelled a path of natural remedies to get to this point now. I take a few natural supplements, receive torque technique chiropractic care, do QiGong daily, connect with nature daily and occasionally take over the counter pain relievers as necessary. The most important thing I do though, is live a soul-directed life. A life that feeds my soul. Finding THAT has been the single most important intervention in remedying my soul’s dis-ease. Today my pain free days outnumber my pain filled ones at least two to one. And when I feel that fibro pain, I know its because I’ve allowed myself to get away from my soul calling the shots.

Illness is not coincidence. It is a message from your soul. Its trying to tell you something is amiss and if you’ve been ignoring that message then it will begin to affect your physical health by way of dis-ease and dis-order. Listening to your soul is the single most important thing you can do for yourself, your loved ones, your health and the world. Anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, CFS, bi-polar disorder, idiopathic anything etc…these are just a few of the many methods our souls use to communicate.

If you are ill, listen carefully to that message and if you need help translating it, seek out assistance from a holistic practitioner that resonates with you and always coordinate complementary care with your allopathic physician.


Valor of Consciousness

The Darkness is not afraid of the Light
It craves it.
It seeks transformation only the Light can provide.

Darkness transforms nothing. It has no Power.
It is the absence of Light;
the absence of Power.

The Light cannot be transmuted
only obscured;
by those who are blind to it.

The Darkness cannot be obscured
only transmuted;
by those who embrace it.

The Journey of Light to Dark
is tempestuous cowardice of illusion;
one decision at a time.

The Journey of Dark to Light
is serene valor of consciousness;
one decision at a time.

©2017 Jade Klemos

Please Don’t Call Me Your Coach

I have an aversion to the title ‘Coach’. I toyed with it for awhile; life coach, transformational coach, spiritual coach, life advisor, spiritual advisor, etc. I cringe every time someone refers to me as their coach…and I REALLY cringe when someone tells me “every coach needs a coach” implying I needed to hire a coach.


I have nothing against coaches. I actually endeavored to be a coach for a very long long time. At some point through that endeavor however, ‘coach’ no longer felt the way it used to. That feeling is what led me to identify as a Medicine Woman.

There is absolutely a place for coaches. A big wonderful lovely world for coaching, but, coaching no longer fits my soul. Not even a tiny little bit. There is no place for me in coaching.

I am a facilitator holding space for others to explore their sacredness. I don’t wish to coach, but holding space? Yes, holding space I can do for anyone and I definitely need people to hold space for me!

Holding space affords the opportunity for things to flow without rush or agenda. To pull from the murky depths of unconsciousness the golden nuggets of your truth. To be present and allow Spirit to flow through me to express whatever it needs to express, and to be present while it expresses through you whatever it needs to express.

Holding space is about the most honorable and sacred thing I can offer anyone. To hold space for their wounds to heal, their dreams to be born, their relationships to transcend and their spirits to ascend.

It’s sacred and I can’t think of anything better to do with my life!

Oppression vs Imprisonment

I am oppressed when I perceive I am oppressed. No one may intend to oppress me, but because I perceive I am oppressed, I am oppressed.
I am not oppressed if I do not perceive myself to be oppressed. One may intend to oppress me, but because I perceive I am not oppressed, I am not oppressed.
I empower myself. No one else can empower me, because I was BORN powerful and only I control that power, even if I choose to control it by perceiving I no longer have it.
Now, imprisonment is another thing. Prisons are built everywhere, often invisible to the naked eye. Prisons are built with fear as easily as with brick and mortar.

The Tao of Manifesting

I went to The College of St. Teresa, in Winona, MN, an all women’s Catholic facility. One of our buildings was Tao Center, a guest house run by the nuns. That was the first I’d heard Tao and no clue what it meant. What I knew is that I loved being in that building because it was extremely peaceful, even simply walking in the hallways.

Generally stated, Tao is the flow of energy through the Universe. It is a big word with many uses and even more understandings. It is that way on purpose. The Tao is experiential, thus making it impossible for two people to have the same understanding of it. In short, defining Tao is the language version of nailing jello to a wall.

For purposes of our discussion today, Tao, is the flow of chi (life energy).

Understanding Tao is fundamental to the concept of manifesting. I’ve discussed manifesting before and feel strongly that it has become largely a business buzz word now. However, it still is an important concept to thoroughly understand. The biggest problem I encounter with my clients is their focus on manifesting.

“How do I manifest a better life? A car? Winning the lottery? A better job? More money?  A successful business?”

Manifesting is not a process so much as it is an outcome…a result of the process of Tao.

The process of Tao is like breathing. The outcome of good breathing (and yes there is bad breathing) is fully oxygenated blood. The outcome of bad breathing is not fully oxygenated blood. No one ever thinks about oxygenating their blood when they are breathing, in fact, most of the time no one ever thinks about their breathing at all. Yet they are doing it all the time.

When we are conscious of our breathing we can change the chemistry of our body. We oxygenate our blood fully, we relax our muscles and affect the hormones produced. Our experience is heightened by merely breathing more consciously. So it is with living and manifesting. When we live consciously we affect the energy of our life, our chi, and this affects the things around us. When we raise our chi vibrations, the lower chi vibrations in the Universe become uncomfortable and move further away from us, while the higher chi vibrations of the Universe resonate with us and move closer. Thus our experience is heightened by living more consciously.

The converse is, of course, also true when we do not live consciously and lower our chi vibration.

The focus needs not to be on what we wish to manifest, but how we live our lives. The mere intention of doing something with the purpose to manifest a specific desired result is ‘forcing’ and not allowing Tao to work.

Tao is like water. If Tao is flowing South with the intention of landing you on a particular beach you don’t even know exists, but your intentions are set on landing at a Northern dock you do know exists then you are then forcing and not going with the flow.

This is where the pop culture teachings of manifestation go astray. Some teachings tell you to be so specific in your intentions, down to the last penny on a manifestation check, or the exact color of the make of the car you desire. This is teaching you to force, not allow.

By the same token you cannot be so lax that you put no effort into the journey. Consider yourself afloat on a river. You go the direction the river carries you, but you must steer to navigate through the rocks and rapids. And there will be rocks and rapids, I assure you. Even when you are doing everything ‘right’ (and of course there really is no right or wrong, but just for today, let’s use it) by allowing flow and living consciously. The rocks and rapids are put there on purpose to give us challenges, because only through challenges do we discover things about ourselves that we could not discover otherwise.

The balance is to go with the flow and not get caught in the undertow.

There are times the river will run high and fast. Often this is when the undertow of doubt, fear and overwhelm can capsize you and suck you under. This is sabotage. You might tell yourself ‘this is too easy’ or ‘I am not worthy of this’; these are the beginnings of the undertow tugging at you. ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I won’t be able to handle it’, tugging even harder. ‘This can’t work’, ‘this isn’t working’, ‘this is coincidence’ etc…you’re going under.

Similar thoughts will occur when encountering rocks and shallow waters. ‘This is too hard’, ‘I don’t deserve this’, ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I won’t be able to handle it’ etc… This is how you know they are misnomers, because you can’t have the same thoughts about two different experiences right? If you are not ‘content’ with high waters and fast flowing and also not satisfied with shallow waters and rocks then what is REALLY going on? Sabotage. That’s what’s going on.

These thoughts are SYMPTOMS of beliefs that lie deep within you. It’s the BELIEFS not the mere THOUGHTS that are the problem. Thoughts are a result of beliefs. Control the beliefs and you control the thoughts.

Your beliefs, not your thoughts are what raise your vibrations. Your thoughts are based on intention, your intentions stem from your beliefs. Consider the person who does nice things when people are looking, but not so nice things when no one is. What is the intention there? From what belief is it originating? What vibrational level do you think exists there?

It is not the WHAT but the WHY that Tao responds to most.

You Get What You Give…Or Do You?

If its true that you get what you give, why do some not get what they expect?

If what you are getting , is not what you think you are giving ,then you need to take a look at what you truly are giving. Odds are it isn’t what you thought.

“But Jade, I am giving and loving. I try to help everyone, but when I need people they are never there for me.”

Being giving and loving are both great characteristics, however the intentions behind that can alter the energy of the experience. When we give with the expectation of receiving love  in exchange, the intentions are not authentic and the dynamic is skewed. We are in fact, attempting emotional extortion. When this happens, because we have aligned ourselves with takers we don’t actually receive the love we were seeking; instead we just end up in a cycle of endless giving. We give, they take and we receive nothing in return.

The key to getting what we give, is to give in a healthy manner. Give to those who freely give to you in return. Establish boundaries, guidelines and limits then enforce them and live by them.

“Jade I do affirmations, I visualize and I think positive, why don’t I have what I want?”

This is a good question. If you are self-aware, but don’t have what you want there are a few things that could be going on; 1) Divine Timing, 2)  underlying sabotaging beliefs, 3) lessons in the making.

Divine Timing is the choreography of the Universe. There are certain events and achievements that the Universe has decided need to present themselves in your life at a certain time. There is nothing you can do to rush that. You can do things and NOT do things to push it off, but you can’t bring desired results faster than that pre-determined choreographed dance by the Universe. So if you truly are doing everything you know to do to bring about your highest good, then trust that and know that its just Divine Timing and you can wait it out.

Sabotaging beliefs can be counteracting your good work. While you THINK you are putting out positive energy, those underlying negative beliefs are negating your efforts. A very powerful one for instance, is “its better to give than to receive.” Can you see how this is a problem?

The deep belief is that it is better to give than to receive and so you create that experience over and over…you give but do not receive, because you believe that to be better, right? But how? Why? That belief has set up an energy block, so the things that the Universe sends you, you send away. Sometimes that shows up with a ‘too good to be true’ thought. Other times it is so automatic you don’t even see the opportunity. You just keep making decisions that keep you in the status quo.

Lessons in the making is self-explanatory. Right here, right now, in this moment you are gleaning valuable wisdom/experience necessary for your highest good. There is value in it and until you can find the treasure you will remain in this experience.

Its not always easy to discover these things on your own, so invest in yourself by engaging in a healing session and metaphysical counseling. Just hit the contact button to schedule your first appointment.


Celestial Fire, Divine Timing and Sorting Shit from Sage…

These are three messages that have been coming up in the past few days.

Celestial Fire: a period of time when the Universe is asking you to forge your spiritual self.

Divine Timing: nothing can come to you before it is in your highest good.

Sorting Sage from Shit: Once you’re done being forged in the fire and it is TIME you need to sort shit from sage to move on to the next phase.

Celestial Fire

The energy of this time is a turbo boost of spiritual growth and that growth usually takes place in the form of Celestial Fire. Celestial Fire turns up the heat and invites your highest best self to come forward to be forged. Like metal is forged in fire so too are we. It is when Life turns it on high that we really have to decide on the answer to ‘who am I?’

Am I someone who falls down and stays down? Am I someone who falls down, gets up and relives the falling down? Am I someone who falls down, gets up and no one ever knew I fell down? Or am I someone who falls down, gets up and no one knows I fell down until/unless it is important for them to know I fell down? Or a million other scenarios.

I, for one, never pretend I haven’t fallen down, yet telling my falling down stories is not something I lead with either. That’s who I am. Yet, there is value in vulnerability and truth in transparency, so recently I started a blog dedicated to our journey through stroke recovery. So far it has been well received. (

What isn’t burning away in the Celestial Fire is being made stronger. It isn’t about being punished as some belief. It isn’t even necessarily ‘karma’ coming back to bite you! Well, sometimes it is, but even when that is true, it is still for your highest good to get you to see the value in yourself. The strength inside you. The HOOTSPA that is innately you. That stuff doesn’t come out until you are against the ropes.

You can’t really see what you are made of until all the fluff you’ve padded yourself with burns away…

Divine Timing

This makes way for what is in our highest good to come forth in Divine Timing. I feel like I talk about this all the time and yet never say all there is to say about it. The best analogy I have for it is baking a cake. You can gather all the ingredients, mix them up just right and it still isn’t cake until it spends some TIME in the oven.

So too is it in our lives. Just because we have shifted our mindset, begun doing rituals and chants and our new moon checks doesn’t mean when we blink our eyes our manifestations will appear. Some things take time in the oven. Some things just aren’t ready to come out of the gate yet. Some things have to be delivered at a precise moment or everything is thrown off. Ah, yes I’ve mixed my metaphors but that just goes to show you its more than just baking a cake after all! lol

The key to Divine Timing then is to be your highest best self so that what is for your highest best self can be delivered at its earliest point possible.


Sorting Sage from Shit

Last but not least is Sorting Sage from Shit. This refers to the psycho-emotional programs running that serve you well (sage) or do not serve you at all(shit). Its time to let go of the things that hold you back. How many times have you heard that? If you knew what was holding you back wouldn’t you have let go of it by now? Or at least you would if you knew how…

Agreed, but that’s why this is so important after the period of Celestial Fire. Celestial Fire is  the perfect time to really test what relieves the burn and what fuels it.  Does not getting out of bed get me to the next level? Does feeling sorry for myself and waiting for someone to rescue me, define my highest best self? WHO am I? Sorting shit from sage is when we truly answer that question.

Its like a hoarder going through their house item by item…’am I taking this forward with me or does it hold me back?’

We have to look at every single thought we have about things and determine if it is some shit we were force fed as we were growing up or is it sage advice we need to pay more heed to. If you’ve watched the hoarders show, you know it is impossible to do this without some sort of help. This is when a Medicine Woman comes in handy…now if only you knew where to find one? 😉

Yes, shameless self-promotion, but really you don’t have to do this alone. Have you tried getting ready in the morning for work without a mirror? Chances are you’d end up looking in some surface for any reflection of the image you are presenting the world, to at least make sure you didn’t have a conspicuous booger. I’m willing to point out your boogers BEFORE they become conspicuous!

I may now have said all that needs to be said about Divine Timing, but I certainly have not about Celestial Fire and Sorting Sage from Shit, so look forward to some videos on our facebook page and in our groups on these topics soon!


Divine Timing

Divine Timing

It’s always in play. Sometimes we wonder if what we want will ever come. Other times we wonder if what we want to end, will ever end. Still other times we wonder if what we want is happening too fast and if we truly deserve it or can handle it.

Notice the pattern? No matter what we are questioning the Divine Timing of the Universe.

Yet, it is the one thing we can be sure of.

Divine Timing.

The Universe is always conspiring on our behalf. It responds to our vibrations, the higher our vibrations (spiritually, emotionally and mentally), higher vibrational events occur.

When something happens and we say “why now?” we have to know that exactly now is when it HAD to happen. It isn’t so imperative to try to figure out why, but to trust that it is.

To believe that this very moment has been dedicated to your Highest Good. To developing yourself into the highest version of yourself that is possible. That this very moment is a brick in the building of your Life.

The question is, will it be of solid material or will it crack under pressure?

Tomorrow will depend on it…

Divine Timing.

Right now. Right here. We are being asked something and we must ask ‘what?’ Sit quiet. Listen to what your guides, your higher power, the universe, your god, etc… is saying. The message is there, it is for us to listen.

Listen, but also know that everything happens exactly the way it needs to exactly when it needs to.

Much love,

Pulling Back The Curtain On Manifesting

321264_258864004160106_138430183_nI feel like that masked magician revealing secrets of his trade.

I’m about to blow the lid off the ‘Manifesting’ coaching world, by revealing to you the REAL secret to manifesting. No opt in. No link to click. No lead in. No suck along.

I’m just SO tired of undoing all the damage ‘well-meaning’ manifesting coaches and teachers are doing. I don’t think all of them are doing it on purpose, mind you, but its damaging nonetheless.

Here’s the secret

…there is no secret.

Yup that’s it. There is actually NO secret to manifesting. There is not ‘one secret thing you aren’t doing right.’

The word ‘secret’ is a psychological trick used in advertising to get you to click, opt in and purchase. As individuals in this society we LOVE to think we are ‘in’…in the know, in the ‘in’ crowd, or in some other exclusive elite club.

I just listened -painfully, I might add- to *most* of a video, that had click bait and an opt in to get me to the video, that would tell me what was getting in the way of my making more money than I dreamed. Sound familiar? I’m sure you’ve seen it or one like it. My husband, sitting across the room from me, was in wonder as to why I would be listening to such drivel. It was research, pure and simple. I like to educate myself on what my clients are seeing before they come to me. After all, it is always my hope that once we work together they will never ever need to be subjected to such a thing again.

I couldn’t believe it! For twenty minutes I listened before I had to turn it off because it was SO contrary to my vibration it was causing me actual physical discomfort. This woman said almost nothing in those 20 mins. She told a story about how she learned ‘the secret’ to manifesting, the one that ‘the book of Law of Attraction’ left out. How she had followed all the book’s instructions and couldn’t make it work, but then had lunch with a metaphysical life coach friend who told her what she was doing wrong (for FREE mind you). And then (this is my favorite part `snarkastic font`…) she talked about how she did this ‘one thing’ and money started rushing to her, then all her friends wanted to know HER secret and how she then developed a program outlining HER secret and process.

Wait…didn’t I just tell you that she said her FRIEND told her that one simple thing she was doing wrong, and that friend didn’t charge her?????

In. con. gru. ent!

YUP, that’s what she did alright. I had to stop there. I couldn’t go on. I knew all she was going to do now, was try to sell me that detailed program she created out of that one secret she learned from her friend. As far as I can see, all this does is exploit the fear and misbeliefs of people to make money selling empty promises. Quite simply, I’ve had enough.

Enough of the psychological tricks used in ‘personal development’ advertising, exploiting the very trips and triggers we need to be educating the public against. I will not use the mind manipulation and coercion tactics that created the barriers to joy and fulfillment in the first place, in order to get clients who are looking to increase their joy and fulfillment! To me that is a little like the dentist who hands out candy.

It rubs me all kinds of wrong.

I’m going to have to just be satisfied in knowing that those who are following those breadcrumbs are very much not ready for what I have to offer as healer, life coach, mentor or even a friend.

The following is an example of the mindf%&k caused by the subconscious psychological tricks imbedded in the advertising of some of the most popular ‘gurus’ posts and advertisements.

My Client: “I have been working hard on myself and just was having a little harder time with beliefs that didn’t make themselves known”

Me: “When you say ‘harder time with beliefs that didn’t make themselves known.” What do you mean exactly? How do you know it is a belief if it isn’t making itself known? What is your indicator?”

Client: “That’s just it. I don’t know if I have them.  People say if you don’t have bad beliefs about money, you should be making more money. I don’t think I have any bad beliefs about money.”


The psychology of selling is disgusting and what is worse is that people who are presenting themselves as healers are USING it to exploit people they claim to want to help.

I have done a tremendous amount of research in this area the past two years. I am sickened by it. People are using things like ‘fear of missing out’ (limited time, limited number of seats, get it now before its gone), clickbait (“you won’t believe what happened next”), and ‘secrets’ (‘what you don’t know…also part of fear of missing out) -all fear based- to sell their manifesting and healing programs about letting go of fear!!! How does that even make sense?

These are incongruencies indicative that these ‘people’ have not integrated the work they are selling you and I assure you they will find themselves losing a lot as it is not sustainable because it isn’t truth.

Client: “I know everyone has to make a living but I get so aggravated when I see or hear people say how they started out and how they were helped by this person and that person. But now they have all the answers and want to charge you your right arm!”

All we can ever do is be on our spiritual path and at all times be the highest version of ourselves. This ensures that when money, love, opportunity, material things etc… are ready to come to us, we are ready to receive it. (Divine Timing, but we’ll get to that.)

What this means is that focusing on the results does not actually get you the results you desire.

Manifesting isn’t about changing your destiny. Its about making yourself available to it.

Think about it deeply. These things that “people” say, sit back and ask yourself if it’s true across the board? If not then it is not true at all (if its true in the kitchen it will be true in the living room, right?)

IF you can manifest more money by merely changing your beliefs about money (kitchen) then wouldn’t you then be able to prevent loss of money by this same tactic (living room)? What about those who clearly have money yet still hold ‘bad beliefs’ about money (another living room)? Where does that fit into the equation?

And what about in reverse? If just having ‘good thoughts’ brings ‘good things’ (kitchen) then wouldn’t ‘good thoughts’ also prevent ‘bad things’ from happening (living room)?

To me this is another version of blame the victim. “If you don’t have what you want then something is wrong with you, because this worked for me.”

It just doesn’t work this way!!

Here’s another incongruence I want to point out.  All those who market ‘their own thing’ saying they did (insert whatever they did) their way and not the way everyone else was doing it…are what? In fact, selling you THEIR way.  They followed their own path, made their own way, followed no one else’s rules, but now they are selling that exact formula to you to duplicate (“I will show you three steps to…”) I prefer presenting a program that gives you tools and information to enable you to discover YOUR own way, too.

This brings us to Divine Timing.

Nothing will come to you before it is time for it to.

If something happens ‘just like that’ (snaps fingers) when you try something new, that something new was successful in removing a block you had, or allowing a lesson in that prevented you from being at the vibrational level to be able to receive the thing you wanted. The ‘something different you did’ didn’t magically ‘create’ the thing, it merely removed the obstacle you had in place that was preventing the desired thing from showing up. In other words it was already set to show up and just waiting on you to allow it to manifest.

The fact that you wanted it consciously, would be a coincidence, if I believed in coincidence.

Client: “What I have figured out is that to manifest is to truly desire. To desire like there is no tomorrow and just know that it’s gonna happen. That’s the kind of knowing that it takes to manifest”

Not quite…

You can’t manifest what isn’t your destiny.

Desire is a wish. In the beginning it is hard to distinguish the difference between ‘wishing’ and ‘knowing’. Knowing is deeper than desire. You can desire something all you want deeply and if it is not in your highest good in accordance to the plan you laid out for this lifetime, it will not come to you UNLESS it is meant to show you once and for all that it is NOT truly for your highest good.

Destiny is the plan YOU, your Higher Self, (with the help of your team of helpers or your Creator) laid out for this lifetime. For instance, if I determined that I needed to experience not having money as an experience, that I needed to understand what true abundance was without money playing a part, it would be my destiny to not have a surplus of money. That might be what I decided. If I decided that, then no amount of ‘manifesting secrets’ will override that during that lifetime.

For instance I can see how a Higher Self, who had a previous lifetimes experience of a surplus of money, might choose to have a lifetime experience without a surplus of money (for any number of reasons.)

Sounds like a crock of crap? Think about Mother Teresa for a moment, then rethink.

The same would be true if my Higher Self made the decision to experience being whole and complete in myself and decided to not have the experience of a romantic soulmate this go round. No one would have contracted with me and I couldn’t just conjure it up because I ‘changed my mind’. That’s not to say I might not have a life full of attempts, because I can make a choice to commit to anyone, of course; the relationships, though, would not result in a soulmate type romantic connection.

Destiny is something that cannot be overridden because it was set by our Higher Selves before we incarnated, on purpose. The KNOWING my client referred to is our Higher Selves communicating our destiny to us. It’s being in touch with that plan and KNOWING it is coming. This is different than desire.

There are things that can’t be changed, but a million things that can be…they just aren’t part of the ‘destiny’.

This is NOT saying that if you don’t have money now that it is your destiny to not have money!! It might just be a lesson to be incorporated and not be part of your destiny plan as unchangeable.

Destiny is the immutable plan. The big picture outlined by your Higher Self before you incarnated on this planet (or any Universe for that matter.) There is an overall theme you decided on. The theme has to do with the experience your Higher Self desired to understand. Once this theme is set, events must be scheduled/arranged to provide you opportunities to have that experience.

There is the overall theme or goal (big picture) that our Higher Self set. Then large events are planned for the life in order to accomplish the desired experience. Those are the things that cannot change or be avoided. The rest, all the rest, is mutable. It can be changed or avoided.

The analogy of school isn’t quite accurate, because we are not so much learning as we are experiencing and remembering, but it is close enough to explain the idea.

If you enroll in a college course, there is a class name, such as, “History and Appreciation of Art”. This name tells you what to expect in the class. In this class you would not expect to experience Auto Mechanics Repairs, right? Ok, so that is the ‘theme’ your Higher Self set in motion. From there an outline or agenda is created. These are the big events that are scheduled in your life. The BIG events that have shaped the experience of your life.

Just like the agenda in History and Appreciation of Art, there are information, tests, exams and maybe even field trips that are mandatory and planned out for your benefit, to meet whatever goal you had in mind when you signed up for the class. You don’t get to opt out of them just because ‘think’ you’ve gotten all you are meant to. You don’t ‘pass’ until you finish the class. The agenda is in play until the class is over.

Now, along the way, the teacher adds in other things (not on the agenda) based on the interests, needs and feedback of the participants. He or she might even offer extra credit opportunities! This is all the mutable stuff in life! The part where you get out of the class what you put into it. If you don’t show up, don’t participate or are grumble all the time, you won’t get out of the class all that you could or even all that you intended to. However, if you are active, show up, and genuinely intrigued then your experience of the class will be much different. What you get out of the class is directly proportionate to the effort you put into the class.

This is manifestation…where raising your vibration brings a better experience of life. The higher your vibration the more extra credit you earn, so to speak.

And there it is. My manifesting manifesto.

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Changing Perceptions Changes Lives

The root of all suffering/disease is in our beliefs and emotional patterns. All of our physical ills stem from our emotional and spiritual systems. Its like we have truth and then society, education, experience and conditioning heap layers upon layers on top of that truth. That truth that we are.

When we do not process grief we hold it in our lungs (like holding our breath) this creates lung cancer and is why people who have never smoked develop such a thing.

When we close our hearts to giving and receiving love it develops blocked arteries and we need what? Open heart surgery!

Wanna know why the rate of women’s cancers are on the rise? Because of the shame society imposes on women. Sex sells, but if you are sexy you are a slut. Not sexy and you’re a frump. Bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. You should be able to do it all and when you can’t you are a failure. All that has to go somewhere when you repress it. Bam! Cancer in the boobs because you feel you didn’t nurture your kids enough. Or you don’t have enough to go around. BOOM! Cancer in the ovaries or uterus because you couldn’t provide for your kids, or maybe because you didn’t choose to have kids. Or maybe because you were too sexy as a child and invited a family friend to assault you. Or maybe because you had hang ups about sex and were taught your ‘naughty parts were dirty’ and so that is what they became. These are just some of the things some of my clients have said to me.

Changing perceptions changes lives. Nothing changes except the way you look at things. Using energy healing, shamanic journeying, psycho/emotional tools, languaging reframing, understanding the core of LOA and developing relationships with our friends (also of the truth) in the spirit world we can free ourselves from the self-imposed (and society imposed) suffering to have a deeper experience of life than we’ve ever known it…one of joy and love.