Divine Timing

Divine Timing

It’s always in play. Sometimes we wonder if what we want will ever come. Other times we wonder if what we want to end, will ever end. Still other times we wonder if what we want is happening too fast and if we truly deserve it or can handle it.

Notice the pattern? No matter what we are questioning the Divine Timing of the Universe.

Yet, it is the one thing we can be sure of.

Divine Timing.

The Universe is always conspiring on our behalf. It responds to our vibrations, the higher our vibrations (spiritually, emotionally and mentally), higher vibrational events occur.

When something happens and we say “why now?” we have to know that exactly now is when it HAD to happen. It isn’t so imperative to try to figure out why, but to trust that it is.

To believe that this very moment has been dedicated to your Highest Good. To developing yourself into the highest version of yourself that is possible. That this very moment is a brick in the building of your Life.

The question is, will it be of solid material or will it crack under pressure?

Tomorrow will depend on it…

Divine Timing.

Right now. Right here. We are being asked something and we must ask ‘what?’ Sit quiet. Listen to what your guides, your higher power, the universe, your god, etc… is saying. The message is there, it is for us to listen.

Listen, but also know that everything happens exactly the way it needs to exactly when it needs to.

Much love,

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