Changing Perceptions Changes Lives

The root of all suffering/disease is in our beliefs and emotional patterns. All of our physical ills stem from our emotional and spiritual systems. Its like we have truth and then society, education, experience and conditioning heap layers upon layers on top of that truth. That truth that we are.

When we do not process grief we hold it in our lungs (like holding our breath) this creates lung cancer and is why people who have never smoked develop such a thing.

When we close our hearts to giving and receiving love it develops blocked arteries and we need what? Open heart surgery!

Wanna know why the rate of women’s cancers are on the rise? Because of the shame society imposes on women. Sex sells, but if you are sexy you are a slut. Not sexy and you’re a frump. Bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. You should be able to do it all and when you can’t you are a failure. All that has to go somewhere when you repress it. Bam! Cancer in the boobs because you feel you didn’t nurture your kids enough. Or you don’t have enough to go around. BOOM! Cancer in the ovaries or uterus because you couldn’t provide for your kids, or maybe because you didn’t choose to have kids. Or maybe because you were too sexy as a child and invited a family friend to assault you. Or maybe because you had hang ups about sex and were taught your ‘naughty parts were dirty’ and so that is what they became. These are just some of the things some of my clients have said to me.

Changing perceptions changes lives. Nothing changes except the way you look at things. Using energy healing, shamanic journeying, psycho/emotional tools, languaging reframing, understanding the core of LOA and developing relationships with our friends (also of the truth) in the spirit world we can free ourselves from the self-imposed (and society imposed) suffering to have a deeper experience of life than we’ve ever known it…one of joy and love.

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