Day 3 Self-Promotion Challenge

Day 3 of Self-Promotion

So much realization happening right now through this challenge.

It still amazes me how Spirit (or Source, or your higher self, or consciousness, or whatever you want to name it) works. How when we get out of our own way, we can tap into the truth and all it takes is sitting for lying quietly and listening.

I have gotten the most amazing advice, guidance and insight from Spirit; from just going still and listening. Things come through that couldn’t have come through any other way, like this challenge. And through this challenge I’ve already learned something that couldn’t have come through any other way too.

This whole time I’ve been calling it ‘self-promotion’ but it isn’t that at all, is it?

Its self-revealing.

And that’s why its been so hard for me, to self-promote, because what it really requires is revealing oneself. I’ve been remiss at that, mistaking pride and self-confidence for braggart and ego, but as I’ve been forced the past two days to find different opportunities to self-promote, it has made me realize this fact I’d overlooked.

It isn’t that I’ve wanted to be deceitful, I just thought it was all supposed to be more about you, the receiver, than me the healer. But that isn’t a symbiotic relationship, is it? If I don’t show who I am, as a human being as well as a healer, then how would anyone know if we might be a right fit to work together? How could anyone know what is possible if what has been isn’t shared?

In sharing my wins – whether personal or professional – I am revealing myself. Part of me worries about being judged for it. Doubting that what I say happens. Or that one might call me a braggart or think me egoistic, but that is just my old story trying to keep its job.

There are many things that I am not good at, but healing and walking with people on their journeys are not some of them. I am really good at metaphysical stuff. I am powerful and insightful and I love the hell out of this shit!!!

That’s what one wants, right? A practitioner, of any sort, that is fan-dam-tastic and is passionate, not indifferent. How else can that be conveyed unless through sharing one’s accomplishments and kudos? 

Just sharing all this isn’t that revealing, so I suppose it is time to share another story.

This time, I’m going way back to what first showed me the kind of power I tap into. It was 1993 and my daughter was 3 months old. We’d already had a rocky pregnancy, lost the baby before her and now she was throwing up as soon as she ate. We had changed her formula a couple of times so the doctor ordered an ultrasound.

They found a mass in her umbilicus. The umbilicus is supposed to shrink to a thread and just disappear after birth, but we had trouble with her cord falling off and then not healing right. Now this. This mass was threatening to entangle her intestines. We were sent to a children’s hospital in Chicago for consultation.

The mass was confirmed and surgery was required, the only question was when, not if, it would be done. Could we wait 6 more months to give her a little time or would we have to do it in a month? It all depended on how fast it was growing.

So we were sent home to wait a month, return and retake images. I could not bear the thought of my tiny perfect creation scarred up or undergoing surgery. That’s when my training in Therapeutic Touch came in. Up until this point I had only used TT on hospice patients for pain relief and relaxation. I had no idea if it would work or not for this, I just knew I had to try. So everyday I applied my hands to her abdomen several times and envisioned the mass shrinking and shriveling away to nothing. When I changed her diaper, gave her a bath or just holding her in my lap.

In one month we returned to Children’s Memorial and waited in the exam room while they took our daughter to get images. It seemed to take forever, but finally they returned her to us and had the images already.

There was no more mass. They couldn’t explain it. “We know it was there. We saw it. But its not now and these do not disappear on their own. We just can’t explain it.”

I could.

Now my daughter is 24 years old without a scarred abdomen. I have learned SO much more since that time doing healing work, but the basics remain the same…tap into the Universal Qi and allow it to flow where it needs to flow.

I love you.


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