It’s All About Vibration Baby!!

Universal LawsAs a theme this has been coming up in posts I read and realizations I have had – most recently a realization in the grocery store. It has been birthing as a part of  my redefinition of surrender as ‘letting go of expected outcomes and melting into all possibilities.’ I really am so in love with that definition.

I feel almost ashamed (if I believed in that) that it took me so long to put this two and two together.

The first inkling of it was 24 years ago. I was home on maternity leave with my daughter and she was probably no more than 4 weeks old. I was a big Oprah Winfrey fan (still am) and had been watching Oprah, but walked away from the TV to do dishes. I left Emma in a seat in the living room as she had fallen asleep.

I returned to the room when I heard her crying. I did all the things new moms do, checked diaper, tried to feed her, held her etc…but nothing worked. In my increasing panic I noticed that Jerry Springer was now on the TV and I realized that Oprah had ended, so I turned off the tube.

Emma stopped crying immediately.

That’s when I realized that my daughter was ‘sensitive to energy’ (I had no concept of the word empath). She was highly sensitive to negativity. It took me awhile to identify it, but she picked it up in TV shows, music and even people.

Brave memeEverything in life is vibration and vibrations come in a spectrum. Vibrations attract like vibrations. Everything has a vibrational frequency and as human beings we are the creators of our Universal experience called life. We collect things around us that resonate with us. When our vibrational frequency is low we naturally surround ourselves with other low vibrational things by making lower vibrational choices in friends, jobs and recreational activities.

We raise our vibrational frequency by interrupting that pattern. Its simple (though simple is not to say easy) to do that. Choice by choice, you just choose something a little above your comfort zone. Catch yourself in a negative judgement and accept whatever you were judging with unconditional love. Make friends with someone who before you might have thought of as ‘weird’. Look for more challenges at work, or start a new job search.

Stir the Qi (Life Force Energy) and your vibration will rise.

EVERYTHING is made up of vibration. Including your food. Wait! Lest you think this is yet another commercial for becoming vegan, it is NOT! It IS however, a PSA for eating what is right for YOU. Being vegetarian or vegan is not right for everyone on the planet.

Do you realize that if human beings had held onto being vegetarian and never evolved to eating meat they wouldn’t have survived the ice age when all vegetation was killed off? Did you know that humans and animals have a working contract to work together and that animals who end up as food, have signed up to offer themselves as sustenance to their human partners? Did you know that there are ethical farmers and slaughter houses who’s purpose is assisting animals in their purpose of offering themselves as sustenance? Did you know that certain body types demand different diet regimes? Did you know that you can change the energetic vibration of your food before you eat it by using healing energy on it while you are cooking or before you put it in your mouth?

Ok, now here’s the grocery store revelation.

For the past several years I’ve been feeling so ‘tired’ of thinking about food. What’s healthy? What’s not? And it is only complicated by the ‘experts’ reversing their opinions every five years or so (remember when eggs were good – er bad – er good – I mean bad – I mean….?)  I am always and forever looking to tweak my diet regime as healthy as it can possibly be without falling prey to fad diets or unnatural scientific concoctions. I have gotten to the point where I am not always excited about eating a salad (although when I have all the time and ingredients to create a master piece I am quite excited then!!)

As I stood in the grocery store trying desperately to create a menu of healthy tasty food for my family and running back to get something ‘healthy’ that I’d forgotten and wasn’t that geeked about, I heard The Voice (no not the singing competition).

“If you do the ‘right’ thing out of fear it can no longer be the ‘right’ thing.”

And the voice went on…

“The vibration of fear is part of your intention and that changes the vibration of the choice, which makes it lower than you intended and that is why things you do outside of your intuition don’t work out how you plan.”

Hear it…

If you choose the high vibrational thing out of fear then it is no longer a high vibrational choice.

So, then in the grocery store, I am thinking, perhaps this is why the ‘healthier’ I ate – out of fear of gaining weight, or not losing weight, or with the purpose of not getting cancer, etc…- the heavier I got, I developed high blood pressure, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia…and the list could go on. I was actually creating the monster I was trying to eliminate. Every healthy food I ate, begrudgingly or instead of something I was depriving myself of, in fact became the same vibration as that which I wanted to eat! What a revelation!

A few days after that grocery store revelation I had another revelation (this one ties it all together)…we know that food has vibration, right? That food is energy and energy vibrates. Well, what I wasn’t putting together is that food resonates with your own vibrations, so the higher your vibration gets the higher vibrational food you will crave. Now, each body will have different vibrational needs. But high vibrational foods are whole foods, foods our pioneer ancestors ate. Our food sources at their optimum before industrialization. The highest vibrational food for you will be different than for others and it will change during your life as your body adjusts to your energetic shifts. My highest vibrational food right now is proteins and fats.

One thing that is the same for everyone is that sugar is the lowest energy food and that sugar is the vibrational equivalent to fear!!! This is what it means to ‘eat your feelings’…you feel fear you crave sugar!

So, let’s do the math. If you are have a lot of fear, you are thinking low vibrational thoughts, making low vibrational choices and surrounding yourself with low vibrational people you will be more drawn to sugars and simple carbohydrates than to proteins, fats and complex carbs because they are on your same vibrational frequency. It will be hard if not impossible for you to CRAVE proteins, natural fats and simple carbs.

The more you deprive yourself (low vibrational choice) of things like proteins (meats) and natural fats (dairies, avocados, nuts) the more you will crave sugar and processed fats.

I don’t think of it like giving up anything anymore. I think of it like values. Keep the value high with meats, veggies, brown and wild rice, legumes etc. and limit low vibrational items to occasional indulgences and pay attention to how I feel after I eat.

This is super new to me, mind you. Its been a super huge shift. I’ve been trying to get off sugar for a long time now. I don’t even eat that much, but enough here and there daily to make it matter. I am happy to say at the time of this writing its almost 48 hours since my last bite of sugar (and that’s what it was too – two bites). I have allowed myself to eat meat and dairy and veggies whenever I was hungry. No going with hunger pains to deny myself. No saying ‘oh I’ve had too much today’. Nope. Just listen to my body and feeding it the protein and fats. Guess what. I did NOT have the energy lag I normally do and I did NOT have the sugar cravings I normally do. I believe the full fat dairy I had eliminated was something my body has really needed for optimum performance.

I’ll keep you updated. Feel free to post comments about what unique recipe of food consumption works for you!

I love you.



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