Great Expectations: The Great Saboteur

Expectations are tricky little devils.


It doesn’t matter what the task, endeavor or project is, expectations can be your downfall.


In my recent project of doing the Whole 30 I’ve had the occasion to observe many things. The most prominent thing is noting how some people find success in all unexpected outcomes and how others blind themselves to success because they are attached to expected outcomes.


The successes -the changes- are all laid out in their stories and yet they label it ‘failure’ because certain expected results did not show up in the expected amount of time. What a shame.


I am a modern day medicine woman and I assist people in purging what does not work in their lives and embracing what will bring them the highest quality of experience in life. The process, much like the W30 takes time and doesn’t always lead to the results the participant expected…it always brings much more, to those willing to see.


Many of my psycho-spiritual clients’ suffering stems from unmet expectations. “I want to do THIS to experience THIS result.” Thus anything else is not recognized as a win, and the whole thing is seen as a loss. I hear it everyday from those doing the W30 with me and often with my clients. Some listen to me and stick with it and go on to experience more than they ever imagined. Others do not and quit, never experiencing anything other than their usual experience of life because they could not embrace what Life was trying to deliver them.


Thus I have used my own advice in this experience of W30. Allow what IS to show up and know it is in my highest best good, no matter what.


My whole point of this post is enforce that when doing something you KNOW is good for you, whatever shows up is in your highest good…even if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


Sometimes we just can’t know what needs to be aligned first to promote the path of wellness.


This is important guidance for ALL our journeys, no matter if they be of the body, the mind or the Spirit. When you do what you believe to be the best for you, then whatever comes of that decision in the process is a designed and necessary part of the journey and WILL deliver you to a higher version of yourself.


You can’t then judge it by the crazy expectations in your head. It just doesn’t work that way. Celestial Planning/Divine Timing has things in hand and is always conspiring on our behalf. This is a foundation.


When we live with that as our foundation then we realize that we need not fight to be in control or ‘make’ things happen. Its sort of a ‘no wine before its time’ concept. We know that keeping steady in the process of doing things from our heart is all the action we need to take to set our course. We need then to trust in that and hold steady to that trust as the energy returns to us in manyfold ways.


The likelihood that anything turns out exactly the way we might expect it to is very small. More often than not it turns out better than we could’ve imagined. And when it doesn’t….when it seems to become our worst nightmare…there is value in that too. There is value in the lessons that open us up and that is what our worst nightmares do – open us up.


Releasing your attachment to expected outcomes is a necessary step in achieving spiritual freedom. When we do not have attachments to expected outcomes we are free to truly see all our successes, as we are not blind. We are free to expand ourselves to receive the true lessons and messages from Life.


As always,


I love you.




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