Day 2 of Self-Promotion

I have lots of stories to tell (including my own) that I never really take the opportunity to share, so I will start sharing them one by one over the remaining four days of my Spirit given challenge.

One of the most unexpected healings occurred because of someone’s curiosity. He wasn’t sure he believed in what I do, but he was curious enough to give it a try.

This man had a particular walk and had become known for it in his neighborhood, because of an injury he’d suffered 10 years before. He had been working in a warehouse, driving a forklift when it sped out of control crashing into a cement wall. His ankle was pinned between the wall and the forklift barely attached. They told him he would never walk again, but he’d proved them wrong. He was happy with the strange gait, in fact he sort of accepted it as his signature and a badge of honor for regaining his ability to walk.

I got him on my table and placed crystals around him and on his chakra points then I began to go through the routine of cleansing the aura with different crystals. Then I used my hands to direct Universal Qi to where it was called. I never laid hands on him but I lingered over his abdomen and injured ankle.

When I finished I told him to slowly open his eyes. He told me he felt me touch his abdomen and ankle. To this day he does not believe I did not lay hands on him. 🙂 As he got up he said he felt ‘lighter’, ‘cleaner’ and happier. Then he took a few steps and after the sixth one he said “HEY!! MY LIMP IS GONE!”

I walked him out, down the steps and he was like a child so filled with excitement and wonder! Stairs were not an issue, he glided down them easily. Running was not an issue. It was a beautiful thing to be a witness to!!

That was six or seven years ago now and he is still limp free. He also still believes that I laid hands on him.

I never have expectations of what will happen in a healing session, because that would place limits on it. I could’ve never have expected that a limp of 10 years would just be GONE, but it happened because we released the injury’s energy that was trapped within the body. Its a real thing. It happens a lot and we don’t even realize it. Its so important to remember that we are body, mind and spirit.  L(i)FE

I can’t make promises to heal anything, but I can allow Universal Qi to work through me to release the trapped energy within the bodies of others. I can realign energies so they are at optimum working capacity. In essence I suppose I am a ‘resetter’ in that I restore your energetic system back to factory settings!! 😉

Thanks for listening to today’s shameless self-promotion, sponsored by Spirit.

I love you.


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