Surrendering Is Not Giving Up

A deeper more expansive exploration of the earlier post regarding Gratitude and Discomfort. Its write about it or eat my words, so writing I shall do.

For the past year I’ve been working diligently with others (and thus on myself) purging out old stuff held deep in our bodies and energy fields. While we’d like to think alternative and holistic healing can be ‘one and done’ (and sometimes it even seems that way), it is actually a process that needs time to work its magic.

This process has hit a crescendo the past two or three months, bringing on physical ailments I’ve never experienced before in my life and which related not at all to anything going on currently. A couple of days ago I switched supplements to hit these things from a different angle and give my body the physical support it seemed to need.

Today I am flat out.

Motivational quotes like ‘no pain no gain’, ‘winners never quit and quitters never win’ and ‘push through the pain’ go through my brain and I’m torn. I’m tired of feeling tired. I’m tired of paying attention to my body. I’m tired. Maybe its time to just get moving!

And then the words “Gratitude and Discomfort” come to mind…my own words coming to play with me. I know what I need to do. I need to sit with the fatigue and heaviness and just love myself while listening to what my body is telling me.

Last night, in meditation I heard the words ‘turning poison into medicine’, snake medicine. This is a Spirit given gift. One I’ve known I have on the spiritual, energetic and intellectual levels. Doing it physically, though? That was new to me.

So, plowing through it as I’d been inclined to do initially, clearly was not the path to travel. What I needed to do is tap into my body and find out what it needs from me.

Intuitively I know that toxins are being purged and need help being eliminated. So, I added some fiber which will absorb the toxins and expedite them out. I know, too, that a body needs rest when it is so busy like this. I completed my 5 Responsibilities QiGong practice to assist while lying on the grass  – a new position, to be sure, but effective.

I surrendered into what my body was saying and doing, knowing that it knows better than I, what it truly needs.

Thus we come to the difference between surrendering and giving up. To surrender is to allow yourself to become one with the flow (even when that ‘flow’ is actually an ebb). To give up is to go under. To disengage. To resist and let go of possibility.

Surrender is letting go of expectation of outcome and melting into all possibilities.

And I’ll just leave it riiiiiiiight there…..

I love you.


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2 responses to “Surrendering Is Not Giving Up”

  1. Lydia Young-Samson Avatar
    Lydia Young-Samson

    Well said! Thank you!


  2. So nicely written and such an important message!


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