My Thoughts On Quitting

Its not an option.

I knew that going in.

I learned of Whole30 just about a month ago from a friend. I’ve been researching all sorts of healthy eating models for years…maybe even decades if I’m honest. I never did diet crazes. Avoid them like the plague. So, when she told me she and her daughter were going to do the Whole30 and I didn’t know what it was I started to research.

I had done Paleo, but I’m not sure I had all the right information, and I did not see any improvements in how I felt (did it as a remedy for fibromyalgia mostly), so I quit it within a month I’d say.

Somehow the commitment of 30 days before you make any judgements resonated strongly with me. “Look here, it is unrealistic to think things you’ve done for a lifetime can be affected in any less time than 30 days.” Simple, direct, to the point and accountable. My style.

I’m on Day 8 as of this writing.

As I go through this change, even though my eating wasn’t all that ‘unhealthy’ by general standards, I am learning SO much.

I am an Intuitive Qi Therapist, a modern day Medicine Woman. For 28 and 31 years respectively I have worked in the social work and metaphysical healing fields simultaneously. I assist others find the root of any physical ailments in the spiritual and emotional realms. I live my own life this way too, of course.

Why then could I not heal myself?

Because I was working with misinformation. Now that I have what truly resonates at the right vibration, I am certain my physical issues (including unexplained weight gain) will resolve over time.

One of the things I teach is that everything in life is made of Qi and has its own vibrational frequency. To achieve success in anything you must find what matches your vibration (or raise your vibration if what you are attracting isn’t desirable). The higher your vibration the more joy you experience in life.

Food is Qi too and so has a vibrational frequency of its own. Whole foods have the highest vibrational frequency. This is why we feel better eating after having eaten this way, especially if you are empathic or otherwise more sensitive to energy than the general population (remember food IS energy, so of course you’d be more sensitive than others!) The transition from low to high, however, can be hell, if your mindset isn’t right. 

It is the same way when I work with individuals. The new ideas/thoughts are hard and uncomfortable to get used to. We have to let go and release all sorts of misinformation and false beliefs that have kept us imprisoned in an illusionary prison and adopt new information that feels odd and counterintuitive. The hardest part is always the letting go of the illusion. In fact, my programs are all in 30, 60 or 90 days increments, because 30 days is the MINIMUM one needs to release old stuff and embrace new stuff. More resistance = more time needed. And to get it to really stick, well, that’s for sure 60 or 90 days.

Sugars, chemicals and processed foods are the illusions of the food energy world. I am seeing similarity in my process of letting go of old ‘healthy’ habits regarding food, to the early days of my spiritual journey and letting go of old ‘healthy’ beliefs. Really. It is eery to me, how the process is exactly the same.

So, in doing this, I am pulling on that for strength when it might be easier to grab a hunk of cheese with some gluten free crackers. Or a bowl of yogurt and some gluten free granola. Quitting is not an option, because increasing my spiritual/emotional vibration has already enhanced my life SO much that I truly cannot wait to see what will happen when I bring my physical vibration up to match it.

I have always spoken about body, mind and soul being tied together. They all must be in alignment, just focusing on one or two isn’t sufficient. And even when you ARE focusing on all three, having the right information is KEY to getting the results you deserve.

So, there will be no quitting. In fact, I’m extending the 30 days to 60 just to give my body extra time to heal from the years of unhealthy-healthy eating!

What would be the point of quitting?

The thirty days will pass whether or not I am doing the Whole 30, so what will I be losing by giving it the full effort? I already know the results of NOT doing the W30 and that equals an undesired result. So, I try this framework and give it 60 days before I make a final discernment on whether or not it resonates with my highest self – but I am already feeling the increase in my vibrational frequency so I don’t see that being a tough call to make.

Don’t quit on you. Don’t quit on anything if it is in your highest good. Don’t quit until you know it is not in your highest good.

Sometimes we cannot see how much our life is changing in the exact moment it changes…

Often, its a much later reveal.

I love you.


4 responses to “My Thoughts On Quitting”

  1. Hi! I saw this link on a W30 group I am in. Great article – right to the point. Wasn’t sure if you knew that your black title box with your different links takes about 1/2 the browser page so when reading, you can only see like 5 sentences at a time, then need to scroll. just wanted to mention! Again, good article!!


    1. Thank you SO much for that feedback!!!! I have noticed that and debated the change, however so far I feel that the convenience of having those pages stand out, outweighs the inconvenience of the five sentence scroll. What do you think? Do you think you’d find the same information if those page links were just in the blog scroll???


    2. I decided to do a face life, Dina, thanks to you!! I hope this works better!


  2. […] be your own worst enemy, no matter what area you are challenging growth in, use the ‘quitting is no option‘ motto to get you through and remember that progress is not linear, so you are right on […]


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