The Healing Storm

The Midwest is kinda notorious for intense weather changes. Our Summers can get scorching hot and humid, while our Winters reach below zero.

This week alone was a perfect example. Wednesday it was 58 degrees. Thursday it started to snow. By Friday morning we had more than 9 inches on the ground.

This was no ordinary snowstorm either. It was soft and steady. It came down steady from about 11 am Thurs to sometime early morning on Friday. No blizzard conditions that I’m aware of, but relentless in its copiousness.

I went out several times and I could feel the magick in the storm. 

While others complained about the storm and being ready for Spring, I marveled at its beauty. The snow was four inches thick on the branches of bare trees. The weight of it broke limbs off some trees and felled large portions of others. The world was quiet as the snow fell. The sky and the snow were the same color, the only contrast was the shadow of houses and foliage. Rather like the world had no beginning and no ending.

I stood in awe of the storm, feeling part of something so majestic that words failed me. It was surreal in so many ways and it caused me to ponder the engineering of a Universe that could choreograph such a feat. To change my world in hours.

Even the silence was magickal as there were no sounds at all. No birds chirping. No dogs barking. No car motors running. Not even a snowmobile. Complete silence.

Driving through the area Friday morning, I saw my home in a new light. With everything covered and sparkling after the storm’s cleansing. With the air somehow clearer and more oxygenated. With the sky bluer and somehow bigger. It was a new world…my new world.

Storms’ chaos has a cleansing and thus a healing effect on all in its wake. Notice that? Right after a storm clears there is a charge to the air, a clarity, an energy and a feeling of possibility.

I’ve been going through my own storm lately. 

A storm of epic proportions, only I failed to see the beauty in it. I still really can’t. Unlike the snow storms in which the beauty to me is evident right away, personal storms take a bit longer for me to see. This time I couldn’t even look into the eye find comfort in knowing that when it passed I would have clarity.

There are four stages to a personal storm.

  • Heart break
  • Break down
  • Break through
  • Break open

Heart Break

The First Winds of the Storm

Some will mistakenly think that heart break is is the eye of the storm, but the heart break is the cause of the storm; like a warm front and a cold front crashing into each other…its just the beginning.

This is an event – usually some sort of loss – that turns our world upside down. It upends every plan we made, every dream we had, everything we envisioned going forward.

Break Down

The Eye of the Storm

We see nothing but loss and change as we have to begin reimagining our future…as our present moment becomes something we never imagined yesterday. Everywhere we turn we see reminders of what we had and what can no longer be. We are overcome by the loss and the need to let go of the dreams we created around the thing/person we lost.

It feels as though we cannot go on and so we sink into ourselves like a bear in a cave for Winter. We bleed all over the floor and don’t care about the mess. All we can see is loss.

Break Through

The Aftermath of the Storm

The bleeding stops and healing begins. A stillness comes as some relief from the deafening waling winds of grief. There is the opportunity to see what things of value still remain in the aftermath. Priorities begin to come into focus. You are alive and hold precious possessions still intact. You understand how deeply you love and how alive that makes you feel…even when sometimes being alive feels like you are breaking.

You understand that your life needs to go on and what changes you will need to make. You become excited by some of the possibilities of these changes. You begin to glean wisdom from the experience and understand the lessons you had to learn.

Breaking Open

The Aftereffects of the Storm

You begin to see why things had to happen exactly the way they did and trust that while you may never understand how, it all happened for your Highest Good. The parts of you that felt broken now feel mended and stronger than before. You are better for the healing of it. You are a different person than before; a cause for pride in making it through to the other side and blossoming…not in spite of the storm, but because of it.


Storms have a way of coming just in time to do necessary cleansing. It is never comfortable. It is never fun. It is often necessary and it is always in our Highest Good. But the pain…the pain can be unbearable.

That’s when you KNOW the breaking open is going to be epic, as well.


I’ll love you through the storm.



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