While the acronym FOMO is fairly recent, the issue of ‘missing out’ has been a factor in life for decades. In 1913 a comic strip originated called, “Keeping Up With The Joneses”. The idea of someone else having more than you and feeling insecure about it existed long before that though.

So with the growth of capitalism, came the growth of materialism and what better way to grow materialism than to nurture the fear of missing out? What better basis for the advertising industry than to breed need?

As a personal development expert, I can tell you – without a doubt – there is no missing out when you live in alignment.

What does living in alignment mean? It is when you are in tune with your Soul and the vibration of your thoughts, deeds and beliefs are ever increasing. When you live like this, there is nothing you can miss out on because you are actively attracting all sorts of  things at that same vibrational level. So, you innately understand that anything is available to you, thus you don’t worry about an opportunity passing you by. That just isn’t a thing.

As soon as I identify the subtle FOMO messages in any advertising (and I tell you I see it everywhere, including -but not limited to- other personal development experts) I am instantly turned off of learning/buying from them. If you need to use fear to sell your product then it indicates fear within you and I’m not trying to have that in my life. I want to learn/buy from those who are aligned and understand how fear keeps our vibration from rising to its fullest potential.

Fear simply breeds more fear. Selling via fear, taints the product/service with fear. It cannot be that you sell something by way of fear, without the stench of fear permeating the purchase. I also feel that someone who wants to sell you security and especially personal development would not exploit your fear to manipulate you. These are incongruent and mutually exclusive and any ‘security’ you may feel as a result is merely an illusion.

Does that make sense to anyone else but me?

FOMO shows up in lines like “limited space available”, “only ten slots left”, “hurry before its gone” and “this won’t last long”. However it can be even more insidious, showing up in languaging that suggests ‘this product/service will make me complete/perfect’. If you are being made to feel you are not enough just as you are, then there is ‘fear’ driving that bus. Exploiting someone’s fear is the anti-thesis of what personal developers need to be doing. I don’t understand it.

We are beautiful and perfectly imperfect just the way we are; sometimes, though we ourselves feel an inner drive moving us forward to expansion. This drive does not come from outside our Self, it is of our Self. That feeling is something to pursue with a collaborator who speaks to that very part of our Self.

I am not looking to work with clients, nor do I wish to hire a coach for myself. What I am looking for (on either side of the desk) are people who can collaborate with me. There is no fear in collaboration! There is an energy of ‘you and I both have power and together we are going to do great things!’ What a wonderful way to start a journey together, right?!!? Don’t you think we can get greater results starting off from a place of power than a place of fear?

I certainly do.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on FOMO that have been rattling around for a long time now and couldn’t be contained a minute longer! Thanks for listening!

I love you!


To find out all the ways you can collaborate with Jade, take a peek at the Service page. Check her out on youtube here and if you are inclined towards development type of conversations we’d love to hear your voice in our Facebook group Willow Song Fire Keepers



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