Healing Rite of Passage Me-treat & Workshop

As I allow the creation of the HRP to unfold, I am gaining more and more excitement at meeting the people this unique experience is drawing. I am excited to see what relationships will develop. Who are they? What do they wish to become? What threshold are they standing on hesitant to step over? What next adventure can be vastly changed and affected by their time spent in this cocoon I am making? And what butterfly will emerge as a result?

Everyday something new is revealing itself to me and I add more and more spices to the recipe of the workshop. Will you be one of them? I wonder that too.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is newly single or in relationship, new moms, those looking for a career change, those exploring spirituality, those looking for a new perspective.

Anyone feeling…discontent in their personal or professional life; that they have everything they could want but still aren’t ‘happy’; that there ‘should be more’; that they want to be more positive.

Five things you are guaranteed in this workshop:

~the ability to distinguish between your intuition and fear

~opportunities to develop deep relationships

~communication techniques to improve your relationships

~to learn how to live by your heart and still use logic

~to understand the difference between respond and react


I promise you will not be the same…neither will I.


When: September 16 & 17, 2017

Where: Waterford, Michigan

Early Bird Registration: $500

Registration after September 1, 2017: $675

For Tickets: https://squareup.com/store/judy-klemos

Recommended affordable nearby accommodations: http://www.oldemillinnofclarkston.com/

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