My New Year’s Thoughts

I know this may seem late, being it is the second of January already (damn, now its the third), I am right on time.

I spent the days of my holiday weekend with my beloved who was ill. It was good quality time, even though it wasn’t what either of us planned. We had planned to go to a friend’s party on New Year’s Eve and had to switch out for staying home and not even staying up to see the New Year at midnight. (Good thing the New Year was still there when we woke up!! 🙂 )

So, yesterday I just spent the day with my beloved being in the ‘now’. Whatever that meant in the moment and it was truly delicious.

So, today is the day for reflecting back and setting the course of the new year. It first started with the notion to change my word for the year from ‘Discovery’ to ‘Grace’. Why you ask? Because I realized that ‘Discovery’ has a much bigger stage to play on.

Initially I thought of life like school where we are meant to learn and graduate higher and higher. It suited me for awhile until I outgrew it. Then, I realized that life wasn’t about learning so much as it was about unlearning and remembering the truth. My truth. Ah, yes, remembering fit me so much better.

Until it didn’t.

That’s now…when I realized that I’ve moved from learning, to remembering, to discovering. OH MY SELF what an amazing feeling that brings to say out loud! YES!! It is about discovering. Discovering who I am not and defining who I am!

This led to a mission statement/mantra, for the year, and quite possibly for the rest of my life, ‘Surrender with Grace to the Flow of the Tao’. Man I just love saying that. I feel like I’ve been given the golden key to the city of Life.


Surrender has different energy for me now, than it once did. Once upon a time, surrender meant giving up or failure. Now it has Peace woven into it and I understand it to indicate an opportunity to cease swimming against the current. My default will be to Surrender to the experience of the moment, whatever it may be.

With Grace

Grace is a new friend to me. She is what I call my Higher Self, my Bliss, my Connectedness. Grace is the highest version of myself. I say ‘Grace’ and immediately I feel connected to the Love of All That Is. I feel Grace in my energetic body. It is the name of the highest vibration I have experienced thus far. Do anything with Grace and I am on the right path.

To The Flow

Flow is another peaceful old friend. Flow and I have been friends for a few years now, but each year we discover new depths to our relationship. I look forward to the same this year, as I understand Flow to include ebbs, which is very different from lack. Ebb is a necessary ingredient in Flow and is as necessary to Life, as hibernation is to the bear.

Of The Tao

Tao is the way (of Life). It is the energy that flows, that Path, the Knowingness. The Tao is what is. It is the heartbeat of Life and when I am connected to It I cannot err, diverge, digress, delay, miss out, mistake or anything else. When I surrender to the Tao with Grace I will always be exactly where I am meant to be.

And so these are my musings on this (now) third day of January. I need to end it here or it will be the 2nd of February!

What are your thoughts on this 2018???

I love you.



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